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Download the 2021 digital planner for monthly, weekly, and daily planning on iPad to navigate the new normal!

All you need is and iPad, an annotations app (I love Noteshelf), and THIS 2021 digital planner.

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Look, you’re not alone.

Entrepreneurs, cake artists, working moms, health bloggers, and trendy grandparents use my digital planners to stay focused and get anxiety away... enjoying their daily 5 minutes of quiet.

You MUST see how easy it is to use the 2021 Digital Planner!


Listen, making plans is more than 'just' scribbling on a piece of paper... that you will lose the next minute.

It's about taking notes in a more logical and organized way, early in the morning, between meetings and ZOOM calls, or late at night when the children fall asleep.

Just ask my smart customers…
Digital planning isn’t a craze, nor a hype. Is a total game changer.


Kathie said ...

"I bought the dark version on a whim. This purchase has really changed how I lesson plan and keep all aspects of my life. ❤️ I use it to plan my podcast 🎧🎙Finances and... and keep track of my shopping, income, and excercise."

Patricia said ...

"Paper planner was getting a little heavy. My days consist of multiple jobs in different locations, meetings in different locations, etc... This planner EXCEEDED, I repeat, EXCEEDED my expectations. I LOVE IT!! This is my go-to planner from now on for the rest of my career and the planner’s availability."

They paint a pretty nice picture, right?
(ps: I have more people talking about it -- scroll down to see it)

Now get this... You can get instant access to this digital planner too, and start to organize your priorities TODAY. Here's what to use the 2021 Outline Planner for:

  • write daily activities
  • take meeting notes
  • plan your meals 
  • track your workout
  • capture your medical conditions
  • track birthdays and gifts
  • track the books to read
  • unloading ideas/brainstorming

and a lot more...

2021 digital planner goodnotes

But, if you're new to digital planning, you definitely should know that:

✔ It ONLY works on iPad
✔ It ONLY works with Goodnotes, Noteshelf, Notability, or XODO app

✘ It does NOT sync with Google Calendar
✘ It does NOT Sync with Outlook Appointments
✘ It does NOT send reminders

I know! It may seem scary. But it doesn't have to be that way


The problem right now is...

It’s challenging for most digital planner newbies to begin learning a new tool. They simply don’t know where to start – and it’s too complicated to watch all the youtube tutorials and get it done.

There is a learning curve.

More than 40% of my customers stumbled at first. And that's why I created basic videos to help you understand how to work with Goodnotes, Noteshelf or Notability. Each course includes 30 minutes worth of videos with literally step-by-step visual instructions.
It's easy to follow and practice. And it's for everyone.

My 2021 Digital Planners are NOT just for Millennials.

My customers' demographic data shows that 60% of both tech-savvy millennials AND Generation Xers use my digital planners. The rest of them are only using my simple templates.

digital planner goodnotes

And 96% of them are happy!

Yes, it's a bold claim. So check my reviews on Etsy to get convinced.

The bottom line... the Outline Planner is for busy professionals, teachers, moms, employees, creatives to braindump their minds on their iPad. Plus, they don't want to spend all summer making their own digital planners, so this planner has all essential life-work sections included.

OK. I get it! You're brand new to digital note-talking. Here's how you start:

  • have an iPad and Apple Pencil (optional)
  • purchase and install a notes app (also called pdf annotations app) - This is very important because you will need an app to put your planner in. I recommend GoodNotes 5 / Noteshef / Notability (one-time pay)
  • take my courses to learn how to use the apps
  • and and get THIS planner.

How to know if paperless notes are for me?

Try them out! Again, to take digital notes, you'll only need an iPad, an Apple Pencil (optional), a markup app to write in (like Goodnotes 5, Noteshelf or Notability), and a good coffee. Once you get more familiar with it, you can import custom templates from Etsy to your app, and get smarter, and more organized notes. I have written more about paperless notes here.

One of my happy customers has done a great job explaining how she takes digital notes. Watch her video.

You may not need to use a digital planner like Sofia does. You can write your thoughts, doodle, or even track your health. Not everyone uses digital planners for productivity.

You can use them for fun too.

So, what paperless notes can I take on my iPad?

A bunch! Lots of my customers are using their iPad to:

  • outline the plans and vacations
  • journal and reflect on daily thoughts
  • track the habits or workouts
  • plan the meals and write shopping lists
  • keep track of work
  • take meeting notes 
  • track events for spouse, kids, and parents
  • remind themselves to have launch 🙂
  • keep track of birthdays and gifts
  • plan for homeschooling
  • track hobbies and crafts projects and supplies
  • unloading ideas/brainstorming 
  • track the books to read
  • journal their travels
  • stick their digital stickers

and more...

Will my notes sync with Google Calendar?

No! So, if you're schedule is mainly based on meetings, please don't divorce your Google Cal (or Outlook calendar) to marry the digital planners. Use both. Add your meetings inside the calendar, but take meeting notes on your iPad.

Are you in?


Hi, I am Ralu

the creator of Outline Planner

Listen. I know how being busy feels like. I also know how cronic body pain and mental suffering feels like. And I am not OK with it! Nor should you!

I am using a daily digital planner to strip away the junk in my life and to focus more on self-care, positive actions, emotions, people and new experiences.

Feel free to try it too.

If you're new to digital planning, don't stress much about it. You can start with my Digital Planning HERO Pack.

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