13 Best Digital Planners for Goodnotes (updated for 2024)

Goodnotes 5: best digital planners

GoodNotes is a helpful tool for you to take handwritten notes on the iPad in 2024. Thanks to GoodNotes practical features, like quickly making handwritten notes on the iPad and annotating PDF files, thousands of students and professionals are going nuts for it. Also, the app’s folders will help you easily arrange all notes. 

best-digital planners for goodnotes templates
Photo: 6-Tab Notebook

GoodNotes can save files in the most common formats like PDFs and images, making it easy to share your documents with colleagues or friends. It includes a search tool, handwriting and drawing tools, page templates for quick note-taking, and Dropbox integration.

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13 Best Digital Planners for Goodnotes | Best Digital Planners for 2024

In 2024, Goodnotes planners will continue to be one of the most popular and reliable options for digital note-taking. With user-friendly interfaces, these planners are perfect for organizing your thoughts and keeping track of tasks.

To get started, make sure you have the last version of Goodnotes 5 installed on the iPad and the best digital planners for good notes (PDF templates) downloaded on your device. Make sure you’re using lag-free digital planners (optimized PDF planners) to avoid the lag when writing or scrolling the pages.

And, to make your experience a joy, I recommend installing a paperlike screen protector too. So discover the 7 BEST ipad paperlike screen protector brands in 2024.

1. Outline Planner for 2024

2024 planner-best digital planner-goodnotes templates (1)
Photo: 2024 Outline Planner (Digital Template for Goodnotes)

This is the 2024 Best Digital Planners Goodnotes Templates for life and work notes, journaling, and task tracking. It is NOT an app; it is a PDF file to use inside Goodnotes, Noteshelf, or Notability apps.

The 2024 planner is the most refined, practical, and beautiful version since the first variant launched in 2018.

→ Watch the walk-through video

→ You’ll get a ZIP file (80MB) with 16 PDFs:
✅ Portrait and Landscape versions
✅ White and Dark background pages
✅ Sunday and Monday calendars
✅ WIDE & NARROW line spacing
→ Dated Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2024
→ Monthly Calendar page + 4 extra monthlies
→ 2 Weekly planning pages (list view & grid view with hourly slots) + 3 extra weeklies (meals, ideas, results)
→ 4 daily pages (schedule from 4am, work, diary, notes)

Discover the 2024 Digital Planner:

2. 2023 Meeting Planner

meeting planner-2023 planner weekly-goodnotes templates-best digital planner (4)
Photo: 2023 Meeting Planner

The 2023 Meetings Planner is the best work notebook for scheduling meetings on digital paper. Write organized, searchable notes during one-to-one or group sessions, phone calls, essential conferences, or webinars. 

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, team leaders, and creatives should use it to write notes for up to 10 daily meetings.

However, remember that this planner does NOT connect with Google Calendar or Outlook Appointments.

Discover the 2023 Digital Planner:

3. Digital Bullet Journal

Photo: DigiBujo Notes

This is an easy-to-use Digital BULLET JOURNAL PLANNER for iPad (Goodnotes template) with an INDEX linked to 100 sections. Each section includes 3 note pages (lined pages) that you can duplicate as needed.

– You can take notes for 100 meetings throughout the year

– Create a library of recipes 

– Create a 90 day journaling notebook

– Hold stickers in up to 100 categories

– Capture repetitive tasks or logs like “Daily checklist and TODOs “

… and more.

Discover the DigiBujo versions:

4. Project Template on iPad

project planner template-goodnotes planners (1)
Photo: Project Planner

The Project Planner is the best Goodnotes planner template for iPad to write organized, searchable PROJECT NOTES. Best for entrepreneurs, team leaders, and creatives to write notes and track progress for up to 20 projects. This Project Planner is a premium business planner template that includes Gantt charts, Budgets, ToDos, and other useful project templates.

Discover the Project Planner:

5. People (Undated Digital Planner)

people planner template-goodnotes templates (1)
Photo: People Planner

The People Planner is the best work planner for iPad to write searchable CLIENT and TEAM NOTES. It’s best for entrepreneurs, team leaders, and creatives to write notes and track progress for up to 520 clients, team members, or affiliates. This People Planner is a premium business planner – that includes Profile, Meetings, and other people-related templates

Discover the People Planner:

6. Bookshelf 400

Photo: Bookshelf—Book Tracker

The Bookshelf 400—Book Tracker is a Digital Book Tracker Bullet Journal with hyperlinks for Goodnotes 5 and Noteshelf apps. It includes a 25-page grid with 400 book covers, with each Book cover linked to one review page and one notes page. It also includes the reading wishlist, authors’ details pages, and a reading log.

Watch the video (min 3:13)

Discover the Bookshelf 400 Digital Planner:

7. Mini-Bookshelf 100

Photo: Bookshelf Mini

The Mini Bookshelf 100 is a simplified version of a Book Tracker digital planner for Goodnotes 5 and Noteshelf. It includes a 25-page grid with 100 book covers. Each Book in the index has space for the cover, title, author, and a small area to take notes. It also includes the reading wishlist, authors’ details pages, and a reading log.

Watch the video (min 0:47)

Discover the Mini-Bookshelf 100 Digital Planner:

8. Pet Organizer Template

Photo: Pet Organizer

This medical pet journal is an impressively simple-to-use pet book to track the details of your pet and take care of his health in 2023. It includes the pet’s profile, yearly schedule, vet visits, vaccines, grooming, and symptom tracking. You could use it for one or more pets.

Discover the Pet Digital Planner:

9. 100 Journaling Prompts

Photo: Journaling Prompts-Vol1

This Digital notebook with hyperlinks for Goodnotes 5 and Noteshelf apps includes 100 journaling prompts for mental health. Each journaling prompt is linked to one page (math grid). Plus, the journaling prompts are pre-field on each page to make using it a breeze.

Watch the video

Discover the 100 Prompts Digital Planner:

10. Recipe Book (meal planner)

Photo: Recipe Book (FULL Page)

This is a digital notebook with hyperlinks for Goodnotes 5 and Noteshelf apps to capture up to 500 recipes organized by categories: Breakfast, Main, Sides, Soups, Salads, Desserts, Snacks, and Drinks.

It also includes a Meal Plan, Shopping ListKitchen Inventory, Kitchen Conversions, a Notes Template, and The Resource VAULT.

Discover the Recipes Digital Planner:

11. Craft Project Journal

Photo: Craft Project Journal

The Craft Project Journal is a digital notebook with hyperlinks beautifully organized in Sections and very easy to use!!! Just use the Hyperlinks from the top-right navigation to access any section.

Includes Craft Projects section (list of projects and project details), Craft Supplies section ( Essentials and Accessories, Stock, Patterns), Craft Measurements section (for measurements details), Craft Templates section (projects, pricing, notes, to do, blank page) and Craft Guides & Resources section.

Discover the Craft Projects Digital Planner:

12. Weekly Planner (FREE Planner)

The MiniWeek Planner is an undated weekly digital planner with hyperlinks. Includes: 12 monthly tabs, 12x undated monthly pages with links to weeks, 60 undated weekly planning pages, and 60 undated weekly review pages. You can download the template FREE when you join the FREEBIES Vault.

Claim the FREE Weekly Digital Planner

13. Cornell Notes (FREE Notebook)

The Cornell Notes Notebook is a simple digital notebook with 400 UNDATED pages using the Cornell Notes template. This notebook DOES NOT have navigation with hyperlinks. You can download the template FREE when you join the FREEBIES Vault.

Claim the FREE Cornell Notes Notebook

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Your Best Digital Planners for 2023

In 2023, Goodnotes planners are becoming increasingly popular for those looking to stay organized and get the most out of their day. These 13 Best Goodnotes Planners are very well designed, with efficient page layouts and templates to choose from so you can make your planner your own. Plus, with these good note planners, you’ll share your notes with team members or friends, making collaboration more manageable. 

So, pick your favorite from the list of 13 digital planners for Goodnotes.

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