You’ll get OBSESSED with the 2021 Digital Planner (tons of pictures inside)

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, SEO, school principal, doctor, cake artist, working mom, health blogger, and trendy grandparent, use these paper-free organizers to stay sane every day.

2021 digital planner goodnotes app

New Year is here, and we all started with high hopes and huge plans. So let’s talk about one productivity tool that keeps you on track for the days to come: the 2021 digital planner. This product is an investment to your yearly productivity and happiness, as Jeff recently mentioned on Trustpilot:

What is the WINNING 2021 Digital Planner?

You may be familiar with the bulky paper notebooks, the never-ending phone to-do lists, and the fancy reMarkable tablet. But did you know you can take beautiful, searchable handwritten notes directly on your iPad? All you need is an iPad, the Apple Pencil, and a PDF annotations app such as:

  • Noteshelf, GoodNotes, and Notability on iOS devices
  • Noteshelf and XODO PDF on Android devices

The digital planners are PDF templates designed to Plug-in & Play inside these PDF annotation apps. They also include convenient hyperlinks to navigate to any date, week, or month, and other sections in your planner.

With a digital planner, you’ll never run out of space (unless your iPad hard drive memory is full) or out of ideas. Best digital planners include dedicated templates that can be easily inserted anyway inside the planner. These templates could be for note-taking, blank pages for doodling, meal planning, meeting notes.

To help you get started, I’ve created this video about my 2021 BESTSELLER digital planner for entrepreneurs, bloggers, work from home moms, and more. Check it below.

What CAN you do with the 2021 Digital Planner?

The 2021 Digital Planner is not for everyone. But it’s an excellent option if you’re often taking personal notes, family notes, work notes or, lecture notes … and you want to:

  1. stop carrying around so many heavy paper notebooks
  2. have all your notes and documents neatly organized and always with you
  3. take notes by hand (so you can remember them better), yet easily erase mistakes without leaving marks
  4. search and find what you wrote
  5. share your notes with family and colleagues

You can use the 2021 digital planner on a daily basis to:

  • outline your 2021 Master Plan and TO DO list
  • write your monthly focus and capture weekly intentions
  • braindump your mind and capture daily thoughts
  • take meeting notes using the built-in meeting note template
  • create your daily to-do list
  • keep track of monthly money spending
  • outline the workout planner to track your fitness progress
  • keep an eye on your meals by using a meal planner or meal diary
  • capture your health condition, track appointments and save health related notes
    …and more

What you CAN’T do with the 2021 Digital Planner

Using this 2021 digital notebook is like having your paper notebook inside your tablet. So there are some limitations like:

✘ it does NOT sync with Google Calendar
✘ it does NOT sync with Outlook Appointments
✘ it does NOT send reminders

Here’s what other people say about the Outline Digital Planner:

Now let’s dig inside the 2021 digital planner (see real pictures). Get ready to embrace your reality. Strip away the junk in your life, and focus more on self-care, positive actions, emotions, people, and new experiences. 

2021 digital planner template good notes
2021 digital planner MASTER PLAN
TO DO 2021 digital planner
2021 digital planner good notes 5
2021 digital planner weekly spread
2021 digital planner weekly planning page
2021 digital planner weekly planning page
2021 digital planner daily page with schedule
2021 digital planner meeting notes
2021 digital planner journaling
workout planner 2021 digital planner
meal planner 2021 digital planner
2021 digital planner shopping list
2021 digital planner good notes 5 money template
2021 digital planner money template
2021 digital planner built in template
2021 digital planner template noteshelf
2021 digital planner trip TO DO
2021 digital planner projects
2021 digital planner project goodnotes
2021 digital planner - clients pages
Clients page - 2021 digital planner
House cleaning template goodnotes
2021 digital planner - health good notes template
2021 digital planner - health pages
Habit tracker - 2021 digital planner - goodnotes
workout planner goodnotes
2021 digital planner reading list
2021 digital planner - birthday ideas

Eager to try this 2021 digital planner?

Download my FREE 2021 Digital Planner and get started today.

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