3 Reasons Why I’ll use my iPad as a Digital Planner in 2021

I totally reckon a digital planner can sometimes have too much content, but you don’t have to use it all unless you are committed to outlining every single aspect of your life.

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My favorite digital planner for 2021

Listen, I don’t use some of the sections inside my Outline Planner (like the house cleaning page for example) because I don’t like overwhelming my life. I do know that lots of my clients use all sections, so in the end, you can pick and use every section that you find useful while ignoring the extras.

So, these are the reasons why I designed the Outline Planner to be an all-in-one digital planner:

Reason 1: More is better than less! 

When it comes to digital planners, and digital note-talking in general, it’s easier to not use what you don’t want than it is to try and add pages, then go thru the trouble of adding links to them. It could be quite a painful process, really!

Reason 2: Save some time … and nerves

Some of us don’t have the time to add extra pages exactly when life gets busy and chaotic. So having tons of sections that you can literally open and use when needed is a time saver.

Reason 3: My needs changed over time

After years of digital planning, my needs and the way I use my digital planner had evolve quite a bit. So an all-in-one digital planner that has plenty of sections can get me covered whenever life gets messy.

How will I plan in 2021?

In 2021 I’ll use my all-in-one 2021 digital planner for life and work planning, but I’ll also keep separate digital journals with hyperlinks for:

  • journaling (I use 2 of them)
  • client notes and details
  • book tracking
  • health tracking
  • and brainstorming notebooks

I already setup my favorite 7 digital planners to use. Want to see them? Check it on Facebook.

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