You’ll LOVE the structure of the 2023 digital planner

What makes the outline planner’s Life-Work Digital Planner by Outline Planner stand out from the rest of the digital planners?

The real difference of the Life-Work Digital Planner by Outline Planner is its superb structure and accessibility. It caters to most of your needs.

Let me show you what it is all about…

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But first, you should know that my digital planners are PDF files with hyperlinks that you can use on your iPad inside an annotations app like Noteshelf or Goodnotes. I wrote about how to grab your digital planner and import it on the iPad in another article.

And you can read about note-taking on the iPad here.

Now let’s dig inside the 2023 goodnotes template.

At first, when you open the digital template on Goodnotes or Noteshelf, you will notice it has a few creative pages. These are specially designed to leave your unique mark and personalize the planner. Afterward, you have three main sections.

How the 2023 Digital Planner is structured

Section 1: DATED planning pages (fully linked)

Includes yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily pages. It can be easily accessed through the vertical navigation tab on the right side.

Section 2: Extra templates and resources

It can be accessed from the same navigation panel on the right side by tapping on the “Extra” button. This section consists of 150 build-in additional templates to make your planning experience much more memorable. I’ve included an index and grid pages with thumbnails of these templates so

Please look for the chapter called “Tutorial” to find further information such as navigating the planner, using the links, colorful notebooks, and numerous illustrating notes. You can also find links to all planning content.

You can also find a chapter called “Color Palette, Fonts, and Key” if you want to make your planner more personal or organize it chromatically.

goodnotes template free digital planner

Section 3: Seven built-in color notebooks (with 12 chapters each)

You can access this section from the same bar on the side. It consists of 7 colored build-in notebooks. These notebooks each have 12 linked chapters, perfect for storing any information. If you need any extra templates, you can always duplicate them from the “Extra” section and arrange them however you like.

Ready to navigate through every one of these sections?

There are plenty of ways to navigate your best 2023 digital planner, and I’m going to show them all.

How to use the Vertical Navigation

The “2023 Calendar” Icon — It will open the yearly view of the calendar. From this general view you can choose whether or not to access the monthly, weekly, and daily pages.

The “Plan” Icon — Use this page to write your goals for 2023, significant milestones, and the course of action you want to follow. There is enough space for you to write the outcome of these actions. If you need extra space or additional templates, feel free to duplicate them from the “Extra” section.

The “Extra” Icon — Discover the built-in templates and tutorial pages. You will also find a chapter specially designed for colors, fonts, and textures.

From now on, you will reach the green monthly tabs for the monthly calendar pages. Use the extra hyperlinks to go to the weekly and daily pages and write down further information or see your schedule for that period. And there’s one more thing… Suppose you need to have a separate calendar for work or track a family member’s schedule. In that case, you can always duplicate the monthly calendar page.

Last but not least, you will find the 7 colored build-in notebooks. Choose any color, and you will be redirected to that notebook.

weekly planner digital template pdf

How to use the Horizontal Navigation

While the vertical navigation is easily found on the right side of any page, this horizontal navigation is usually inside the dated planning pages. It has dedicated symbols and links that will send you to the monthly, weekly, and daily pages depending on where you are on the planner.

  • From the monthly planning page— you have access to a money page, a tracker, a one-win-a-day page and the monthly review.
  • From the weekly page — go to the monthly pages I mentioned above and the extra weekly pages: the meal plans, ideas for the week, and weekly results.
  • The same goes for the daily page. Here you have three sets of links: monthly and weekly, about which you have already found out, as well as the daily links. These are divided into two day-pages: one for work and another for personal life.

MORE ways to navigate the 2023 digital planner

Let me show you how incredible the 2023 digital planner is!

free noteshelf template download digital planner

Use the additional navigation on the extra monthly pages

Starting with the 2022 digital planner, you can benefit from another accessible type of navigation. Visit any extra monthly page (be it money page, tracker, one-win-a-day page, or the review) to discover more hyperlinks at the top of your screen. They will direct you to each month’s page of the same section, making it so much easier for you to get around. For example, suppose you are on the January money page. In that case, you can jump directly to the February sheet and put your finances in order.

Imagine being able to have a general perspective of the entire year… Now You Can! There is also a page dedicated to having an overall outlook on the entire year.

This goes for the tracker, one-win-a-day, or review pages too.

The 2023 dated pages have numerous hyperlinks that will get you where you want to be.

  • The calendar page will give you access to the monthly, weekly and daily pages.
  • The monthly page will direct you to the weekly and daily pages.
  • The weekly page will get you to the daily page.
  • The daily page will direct you to two distinct planners, one for your personal life and another for work.

Simply choose the month, week, or day you want to see and get there with a few taps. The template is developed like this to suit your brain’s intuitive approach without getting lost in the process.

What I love most about this are the weekly pages. These allow you to see everything you have for the upcoming period and redirect you to the daily planning, personal, and work templates. How considerate!

Listen …You already know the tracker is the one to have if you want to record the achievement of your tasks. But did you know it has direct navigation to each day? Now you can tick everything off your list, and 3 seconds later, you can see what is in for tomorrow.

Jump from the weekly meal plan to the daily plan

I am going to be honest with you. Sometimes when I have a hectic day, I tend to skip lunch. A friend of mine overeats to cope with all the stress. This is exactly why I have put hyperlinks from your meal planner to the daily planner. Pay attention to your workload and stay healthy at the same time.

The magic of titles!

You’ll want to try this!!

Visit an extra dated section (like the daily work or weekly meals). Tap the page’s title to go back to either the weekly or the daily planning page. Plus, on the top right corner, you also have a link to return to the weekly page – look for the grey rectangle with the week’s number in it.

best digital planner free download 2022

Discover the 12 linked chapters in the colored notebooks navigation

Each of the 7 built-in colored notebooks has 12 linked chapters. Browse through these chapters using the “previous” and “next” buttons in the right corner. Each chapter has three pages, and you can add new ones whenever you need.

Use these beautiful built-in colored notebooks as your digital bullet journals or for simple notes.
Hint: look at the color and number of each page to know precisely in which chapter and notebook.

Prices available

  1. Single version for $27 click to see the life-work planner (one-time purchase)
  2. Get all digital planners in the shop for $97

Hope you’ll enjoy the new 2022 digital planner that you can beautifully decorate with digital stickers if you want to make your own. Happy digital planning!

Works with Goodnotes, Noteshelf or Notability

Just like my entire collection of digital planners, the 2022 digital planners (PDF files with hyperlinks) are well optimized to work with the best note-taking apps on the market: Goodnotes, Noteshelf or Notability.

Import the planner in any of these apps to enjoy a lag-free experience.

Eager to discover which app is best for you? Grab a coffee and DISCOVER: Which is Best for Handwritten Notes?

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