Best All-in-One 2023 Planner Template for iPad ( Digital Life-Work Template)

✔ PDF file with 72K+ hyperlinks (7MB)
✔ Use in Goodnotes, Noteshelf, Notability (Lag-FREE)
Portrait or Landscape / White or Dark paper
✔ Yearly / Monthly / Weekly / Daily plans
✔ Dated Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2023
✔ Monday & Sunday calendars available

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2023 Outline Planner is the life-work planner for balancing a healthy life with a busy work schedule. Best for entrepreneurs, team leaders and creatives. Best 2023 planner for women!

→ Use the 2023 Outline Planner for yearly digital planning, monthly focus, weekly overview and daily planning

→ Use the life-work planner to track work tasks or write daily meeting notes

→ Use it for self-care, health, meal plans, budget, home TODOs or reading

This 2023 digital planner is like using a paper planner notebook to manage your schedule with ease, just on the iPad!

Add the PDF to Goodnotes, Noteshelf or Notability to get started. Not sure which iPad planner app to use? Check this resource:

Best for…

This “2023 planner weekly” is BEST FOR entrepreneurs, team leaders and creatives. Although the planner can be used by all ages and professions who want to stay organized and productive while having fun, it is mostly designed for entrepreneurs, team leaders and creatives who want to achieve their goals in less time, and with less of a struggle!

>> 387 people are already using the best daily planner of 2023 <<

I’ve been used to do digital journaling since two years ago and have downloaded dozens of notebooks as I am a bit passionate about this digital style. I think, however, that I have found the One: the Outline Planner.

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What’s new in the 2023 Notebook:

→ 4x Daily pages
→ 2x Weekly views
→ 2024 and 2025 Calendar (with notes pages)
→ Yearly plan, schedule and tasks pages
→ Style and layout updates


2023 Calendar contents (templates list)


  • 2023 Calendar Page with links to days and weeks
  • (NEW) 2024, 2025 Calendar Page with links to notes pages
  • 2023 Extended Calendar
  • 2023 Master Plan (yearly goals and milestones)
  • (NEW) Yearly Events + Yearly Tasks pages
  • DATED Monthly Planning templates with links to days and weeks
  • (NEW) 2x DATED Weekly Views (calendar view + list view) with links to days
  • (NEW) 4x DATED Daily pages (each day has 4 different pages: schedule page, notes page, daily diary page and work page)


  • DATED yearly, 9-month, 6-month, 3-month review templates
  • DATED Monthly Review templates
  • DATED Weekly Results templates


  • DATED Monthly Money template
  • DATED Monthly Tracker template
  • DATED Monthly One-Win-A-Day template (best as daily gratitude journal)
  • DATED Weekly Ideas template (for brain-dumping)
  • DATED Weekly Meals template
  • Health Add-on Templates — including monthly and weekly self-care, medication and workout, health appointments, sleep tracker and more (copy from the Templates section and add them to your planner, when needed)
  • Personal Add-on Templates — like daily journals, money tracking, house templates, books templates, movies, trips, birthdays and passwords


  • DATED Daily Work planner template (a simple lined page)
  • Planning and Outline Add-on Templates — like Clarity Map, Life & Work Balance (copy from the Templates section and add them to your planner, when needed)
  • Meetings Templates — like Meetings List, Weekly Meetings Plan and Meetings Note template
  • Projects, Orders, Prices & People Templates — like Project List, Details and Management, Pricing Worksheets, Gantt Charts, Orders List and Details, People List and Details
  • Social Media Templates — including the Monthly grid & list templates, weekly templates, post details and trackers


  • Ruled Grid
  • Cornell Notes
  • Blank pages
  • Square Grid (math);
  • Dot Grid


  • TODOs, Checklists templates
  • Challenges templates
  • Trackers, Mindmaps, Lists 

Lots of people love this planner! You may love it too!


Included in your purchase

After you place your order you will get the link to download one version of the 2023 Outline Planner (1 PDF file) based on your selection.

✘ Does not sync with Google Calendar, Outlook Appointments and DOES NOT send reminders or notifications

✎To use this life-work planner template with hyperlinks you will need an iPad and any of these apps: Goodnotes, Notability or Noteshelf.

This is a single planner purchase:

You get the 2023 planner (choose a single version). To access my ENTIRE collection of digital planners UNLOCK THE VAULT—the doors open every year from Sep.7th to Oct.7th.

How to use the planner

You will be able to access your file(s) via email after payment is confirmed. Open the email on the iPad, download the PDF file of this planner and add it inside a note-taking app (like Goodnotes, Noteshelf or Notability) to get started.


Step 1. Download the PDF on the iPad

After the payment is confirmed, you’ll get an automated email will the link(s) to download the PDF. Open that email on the iPad and tap the link to save the PDF file in any of these locations: “Downloads”, “On My iPad”, “iCloud Drive” or “Dropbox”.

Step 2. Import the PDF in Goodnotes, Noteshelf or Notability

a) How to import a PDF in Goodnotes?

In Goodnotes, go to the folder where you want to place the new notebook. Tap “+New” > “Import” and locate the PDF you’ve just saved. Tap it to import to Goodnotes. It will automatically open in the Editing mode (meaning that the hyperlinks will not work). To use the hyperlinks you’ll have to tap the “pen inside a circle” icon that you’ll find at the top right corner of the toolbar.

b) How to import a PDF in Noteshelf?

In Noteshelf, go to the folder where you want to place the new notebook. Tap “+” > “Import Document” and locate the PDF you’ve just saved. Tap it to import to Noteshelf. You should be able to use the hyperlinks as soon as you open the digital planner.

c) How to import a PDF in Notability?

In Notability, go to the subject where you want to place the new notebook. Tap “Import” (it’s an icon like a rectangle with an arrow pointing down – you’ll find it at the top right corner of the toolbar) and locate the PDF you’ve just saved. Tap it to import to Notability. You should be able to use the hyperlinks as soon as you open the digital planner.


No refunds. No exchanges.

This listing is an INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, and no physical item will be shipped. You will be able to access your file(s) via email after payment is confirmed. All sales on this website are final. Outline Planner will not offer refunds, returns, exchanges or cancellations due to the digital nature of these products.


You may not: sell or give away the original files nor use any portion of the files to create a new design to resell. Any infringement of copyright will be met with legal actions.

New to Digital Planning?

It’s time to ditch your paper planners and notebooks, and embrace the future of planning.

The iPad can help you take your digital organization skills to the next level. With Goodnotes, Noteshelf or Notability apps you’ll be able to keep track of everything you need in one place—all while freeing up space taken up by bulky notebooks.

What makes a good work planner?

A good digital planner for goodnotes is one that offers easy to use page templates, enough space for all the important information and a smart system of links between pages and sections.

What are different types of planners?

Just like the paper planners, the digital planners for Goodnotes come in different options that have specific purposes and objectives. Some planners allow you to track your life and work tasks, others help with writing better organized project notes, while others help you take better meeting notes. You can also use digital planners as your best bullet journals on the iPad!

Teams can use digital planners to take private notes and collaborate on them with the colleagues.

Learning more about digital planning

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