Take PAPERLESS notes (...like planning or meeting notes) on your iPad

Many friends left paper behind, to take PAPERLESS notes for plans, daily thoughts, habits or meetings

Aren't you at least curious how they did it?

I'll show you how easy it is!

BONUS!!! You'll get instant access to the 350+ digital stickers and templates !!


Do more with your iPad. You MUST see how easy it is to create and use digital notebooks!


I'll also show you where to find premium templates to import to Goodnotes, Noteshelf or Notability.

Start with my three courses and 350+ digital templates & stickers.  To get ready:

  • have an iPad with iOS 13
  • an Apple Pencil (optional)
  • install Goodnotes 5, Noteshelf or Notability app(s) from Apple Store (paid apps -- but the price is so small given the benefits)
perks-Take Digital Notes


I created this pack so you can learn through my videos and practice using the templates and notebooks included in the digital treasury.


When you finish it, you'll be ready to take notes on your iPad!

Ps: Are you a Paperless expert? Skip the training and try my FREE Digital Planner.

Feel the freedom of the paperless life

Stop feeling haunted by your phone reminders!

Quit bulky planners that break you back!

Copy, Paste, Undo, Erase. Don't fear making mistakes!

Keep All life, business, hobbies in one place!

I finally turned OFF the nightmare of the notifications.

Back in 2016, I could not handle the chronic alertness and stress anymore. My mind was chaos! So, I started taking notes on paper and created my paper planner. It had all I needed and it felt so good to write plans down and track the progress in a relaxed, stress-free way.

But my back was not happy...

After 18 months of carrying around my bulky planner and notebooks, my back kicked in. It was unhappy and in pain. So I put that planner aside, but not for long.

In November 2018, I discovered Goodnotes, one of my favorite apps to handwrite on PDF documents. I was hooked. In one month I created my planner as a fully functional PDF document with hyperlinks, and I imported it in Goodnotes. I am happily using it ever since. And so do most of my customers!!

3400+ digital templates sold in 18 months

Today, I'm an Etsy Top Seller for digital planners and templates to use with Goodnotes 5, Noteshelf and Notability. With 3400+ paperless products sold and 210+ amazing reviews from people like you, I am 100% in this! Artists, work-from-home moms, bloggers, CEOs, and trendy grandparents, are using my digital templates every day.

Grab your iPad. Write it down, or you'llmiss that meeting!simply forget to eat.burn your brain out!

Don't take my word for it!

Keep scrolling to read what my customers are saying or check the full 100% honest reviews on my Etsy shop.

I have just downloaded this planner & I am thrilled! After purchasing two other digitals previously that were not what I liked (from other sellers) I decided to give it one last try before deciding to go back to my bulky paper planner. So happy I did as this was exactly what I’ve been searching for!

- wilderfam4 on Etsy (Oct 26, 2019)

WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY. Ralu has been simply fantastic. She made me a custom edition of her planner, beefed up to cover some of my ADHD´s issues with planning.
I must confessed I felt a bit lost amongst so many options to choose from at ETSY and I´m soooooo glad I chose Ralu´s shop.
If you are ADHD, if you´re simply disorganized or just can´t keep your goals and achievements in mind....do not hesitate it. It´s a beautiful, functional product that get you to share some of Ralu´s superb life-managing skills.
Did I already mentioned it just look gorgeous and it instantly feels like wanting to use it.

- djtatosanchez on Etsy (Mar 3, 2019)

I am soooooooooooooo grateful I chose Ralu´s planner. It was already a really nice planner but she was so kind to adapt it to my special needs (super ADHD). I´m super excited about the adapted one but using the main one is already making a huge impact in my life. It´s a beautiful, truly usefuld craft, worth every penny.

- djtatosanchez on Etsy (Feb 27, 2019)

Absolutely the best digital planner in existence. I have tried many others trying to find the right things to be all inclusive life and work and this is it!!! Outstanding product and amazing customer service. Thank you!!

- Aron Wittkamper on Etsy (Aug 18, 2019)

This planner is brilliant, it is being used in Goodnotes and is motivating me with my plans this year. Being able to record what has happened and what I am looking to do is very supportive and allows me to be creative when writing in it.

- Sheila Munro on Etsy (Feb 28, 2019)

Enjoy the paperless experience, just like my clients do.

Listen, it may seem scary. But it doesn't have to be that way

People from 20-80 years old are rocking the world of digital note-taking. And you can do that too! 

There is a learning curve. More than 40% of my customers stumbled at first. So I created basic videos to get them started straight away with Goodnotes 5, Noteshelf or Notability. Each course includes 30 minutes worth of videos with literally step-by-step visual instructions like in the image below. 


That's how most of us learn. And these videos could help you too! Plus, you'll also have access to 350+ digital templates and stickers to use straight away.

Watch this video to see what you'll learn

Is this for everyone?

No. Definitely not for everyone! The Beginners Pack (3 courses and 350+ digital templates and stickers) is designed for busy professionals, teachers, moms, employees, creatives who want to learn it fast. Plus, they don't want to spend all summer making their own digital templates.

With this made-for-you pack, you'll watch the videos, download the digital templates, and start taking notes from day 1.


And you'll discover where to find premium digital templates and stickers to import to Goodnotes 5, Noteshelf or Notability.

I’m brand new to the digital life of planning where do I start?

  • have an iPad and Apple Pencil (optional)
  • purchase and install a notes app (also called pdf annotations app) - This is very important because you will need an app to put your planner in. I recommend GoodNotes 5 / Noteshef / Notability (one-time pay)
  • take my courses to learn how to use the apps
  • create a default notebook, use the templates I have included in the pack, or buy a premium planner
  • BONUS: Join my Friend's list to get free digital templates and stickers every Monday at 10 am.

How to know if paperless notes are for me?

Try them out! Again, to take digital notes, you'll only need an iPad, an Apple Pencil (optional), a markup app to write in (like Goodnotes 5, Noteshelf or Notability), and a good coffee. Once you get more familiar with it, you can import custom templates from Etsy to your app, and get smarter, and more organized notes. I have written more about paperless notes here.

One of my happy customers has done a great job explaining how she takes digital notes. Watch her video.

You may not need a complex paperless planner like Sofia's planner, you can simply take digital notes for your thoughts, for doodling, or even to track your health. Not everyone uses digital planners for productivity. You can use them for fun too.

So, what paperless notes can I take on my iPad?

A bunch! Lots of my customers are using their iPad to:

  • outline the plans and vacations
  • journal and reflect on daily thoughts
  • track the habits or workouts
  • plan the meals and write shopping lists
  • keep track of work
  • take meeting notes 
  • track events for spouse, kids, and parents
  • remind themselves to have launch 🙂
  • keep track of birthdays and gifts
  • plan for homeschooling
  • track hobbies and crafts projects and supplies
  • unloading ideas/brainstorming 
  • track the books to read
  • journal their travels
  • stick their digital stickers

and more...

Will my notes sync with Google Calendar?

No! So, if you're schedule is mainly based on meetings, please don't divorce your Google Cal (or Outlook calendar) to marry the digital planners. Use both. Add your meetings inside the calendar, but take meeting notes on your iPad.

Are you in?


Stop wasting your time on trial and errors... Start with this BEGINNERS PACK and take digital notes today

Includes: 3 ONLINE courses and 350+ digital templates & stickers!!!

perks-Take Digital Notes


I created this pack so you can learn through my videos and practice using the templates and notebooks included in the digital treasury.


When you finish it, you'll be ready to take notes on your iPad!


AND you'll know where to find premium resources for digital notebooks and templates

Here's what you'll get inside my courses.


I will snapshot the curriculum for Goodnotes app, but you have the similar structure for all three courses.

online course - digital planner - digital notes

Interested about the Digital Treasury?

I have included inside 350+ PNG stickers and

PDF templates to download and use straight way.

Check the full list below.

digital templates collection

Hope this gives you a good picture of what you're receive with your order.
Being paperless is amazing.
So I hope you'll love it too!

Confession time ... Not all my life is digital 

I love my digital notebooks and my life spins around them. But I can't, for the love of God, give up on my paper books. I just LOVE them that way.

A list longer than 7 items freaks me out

Digital notebooks allow you to write down interminable lists. So, unload all your TO-DOs on a different notebook, then only pick out 3 things that must be done on a specific day.

Pretty stickers can be addicted

The problem with some people and digital note-taking (or digital planning) is that they let themselves get distracted from the main goal, and spend a lot of time playing with all those pretty stickers from Etsy. I am not saying that's bad! We all need to relax now and then. Just remember why you've started taking digital notes in the first place.

I personally can't cope with lots of stickers

I’ve got wonderful and fancy stickers saved in my Stickers Book, but I always keep my digital planner clean. My mind fills up with pictures and I can’t focus. Don’t mind one or two every now and then, but a page packed with stickers freaks me out.

How about you?
Are you in for a try?


Already a paperless fan? Try my free PDF tester.

Stop wasting your time on trial and errors... Start with this BEGINNERS PACK and take digital notes today

Includes: 3 ONLINE courses and 350+ digital templates & stickers!!!


Hi, I am Ralu

the creator of Outline Planner

Listen. I know how being busy feels like. I also know how body pain and mental suffering feels like. And I am not OK with it! Nor should you!

I am using a daily digital planner to strip away the junk in my life and to focus more on self-care, positive actions, emotions, people and new experiences.

Feel free to try it too.

If you're new to digital planning, don't stress much about it. You can start with my Beginner's course to take notes in Goodnotes 5, Noteshelf and Notability.

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