5 Best iPad Accessories in 2024: From Keyboard to Earbuds

The trusty iPad is a versatile companion for drawing or digital notes, but with the right accessories, it can become an indispensable tool in a powerful daily routine. So, what do I need for my new iPad?

Apple iPad Accessories in 2024

I’ve curated a list of must-have accessories to take your Apple iPad experience to the next level. From practicality to sheer fun, these accessories will make you wonder how you have ever lived without them.

Discover your next favorite iPad mount, case, magic keyboard, pencil, or accessories available for the iPad Pro or iPad Air.

5 Best iPad Accessories in 2023 From Keyboard to Earbuds (2)

1. iPad Case / Apple Magic Keyboard

What iPad cases are best?

The ideal type of iPad cover varies based on individual preferences and usage requirements. There are several popular iPad Keyboards options available, each offering distinct features and benefits:

  1. Smart Folio Cover: Apple’s official Smart Folio covers are tailored for specific iPad models, magnetically attaching to provide full front and back coverage. These covers can fold into various positions, offering multiple viewing angles and automatically waking or sleeping the iPad when opened or closed.
  2. Folio Case with Keyboard: Combining a protective case with a built-in keyboard, this type of cover enhances productivity by transforming the iPad into a mini laptop for typing and other tasks. Some folio cases even offer backlit keyboards and adjustable viewing angles.
  3. Slim TPU/TPU Case: Lightweight and slender, these cases made of flexible TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) materials provide basic protection for the back and sides of the iPad. They are easy to install and provide a comfortable grip.
  4. Rugged Case: Ideal for those seeking extra protection against drops, shocks, and environmental elements, rugged cases often feature reinforced corners and durable materials to safeguard the iPad in challenging conditions.
  5. Clear/Transparent Case: Maintaining the iPad’s original design while offering protection against scratches and minor bumps, clear cases are an excellent choice for those who wish to showcase the device’s aesthetic appeal.
  6. Sleeve or Pouch: These covers are not directly attached to the iPad but provide a protective covering when the device is not in use. They are convenient for carrying the iPad inside a bag and safeguarding it from scratches and dust.

When you want to buy the best cover for your iPad, consider factors such as the desired level of protection, compatibility with your specific iPad model, convenience of various viewing angles, the presence of additional features like keyboard or pencil holder, as well as your aesthetic preferences. Reading user reviews and comparing different options can help you find the perfect match for your iPad.

iPad Case Pros:

  • Protection and Style: A robust case for iPad such as the Apple Smart Folio (smart cover for iPad Pro 11-inch – 2nd Generation and iPad Air 4th Generation) shield your tablet from everyday bumps and drops, while adds a touch of sophistication to your device.
  • Functionality: The most loved Apple Magic Keyboard (apple smart keyboard case designed to work with 11-inch iPad pro -1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation- and iPad Air -4th and 5th generation) is a protective cover and a keyboard in one product! It’s the perfect companion for a superb typing experience. Even though it is more expensive, you’ll feel like using a MacBook keyboard and trackpad! The magic keyboard for iPad Pro sits beautifully on your desk, smoothly adjusts to the perfect viewing angle. so you can comfortably watch your favorite movie, take hand notes or have productive video calls.

iPad Case Cons:

  • Bulk and Weight: Heavy-duty cases like this TORRO leather case compatible with iPad Pro 11-inch may add a bit of weight and bulkiness. So, in order to have peace of mind during your iPad adventures, check for lighter versions (plastic alternatives).
  • Compatibility: Not all covers are the same and many different iPad models are available. Ensure the case fits your specific iPad model for full functionality and take time reviewing consumers opinions on each smart cover that you consider buying.

Make sure your iPad is protected! So, I recommend buying a protective case, with a solid back cover support, as soon as you start using your iPad. Here’s why…

Ana, a friend’s daughter, is an iPad enthusiast who loves sketching outdoors (practicing to be an architect). She got a durable shockproof case for her iPad Pro, following my recommendations. Last month, she accidentally knocked her iPad off the bench while sketching in the park. Thanks to the case, her iPad is now safe.

And that is the last thing you want, isn’t it?

2. Apple Pencil or Alternative Stylus

Use a pen to improve the iPad experience for creative tasks, note-taking, and more. You can choosing between the original Apple Pencil and an alternative pen depends on your specific needs, preferences, and the Apple tablet model you own. Here’re some Pro and Cons for the Apple Pencil.

apple pencil vs stylus-for note taking on the ipad

Apple Pencil Pros:

  • Precision and Pressure Sensitivity: The “Apple Pencil 2nd Generation” offers remarkable accuracy and sensitivity, making it a dream tool for artists, designers, and note-takers.
  • Ease of Use: The Pencil Gen 2 magnetically attaches to your iPad Pro for pairing and charging, making it effortlessly accessible whenever creativity strikes.
  • Palm Rejection: Rest your hand on the iPad screen without worrying about accidental marks.
  • Fast-charge: The second-gen stylus Apple Pencil charges once you attach it to the side of your iPad (to the right position), so you’ll always have your stylus ready to use.

Apple Pencil Cons:

  • Price: The second-generation Apple Pencil is an investment (and you can always choose to buy something cheaper, like a no-brand stylus compatible with the iPad Pro or iPad Air), but its capabilities are worth it for creative enthusiasts.
  • Charging: The first-generation Pencil requires an awkward cap charging method. However, the second generation has this solved.

My husband is an architect and needs to sketch on top of the architectural plans. He is against all Apple products; however, one evening, he used my Apple Pencil to draw an idea in Procreate. To his surprise, he became in love with the experience. He genuinely admitted there’s nothing closer to this in the Android world. So, I’ve started borrowing my iPad for occasional drawings in Procreate.

Read more about Apple Pencil vs Stylus.

3: Best iPad Stand and mounts

The availability and popularity of specific stands may vary over time. Before buying something it’s essential to read user reviews and ensure the stand is compatible with your tablet and suits your intended use.

iPad Stand Pros:

  • Ergonomics: Adjust the stand for your iPad to your preferred height and angle for optimal comfort. For example, the Lamicall Adjustable Tablet Stand offers multiple viewing angles for reading, typing, and watching content with ergonomic comfort.
  • Multitasking: Free up your hands for video calls, cooking, or browsing while the iPad stays in place. Use the Tryone Gooseneck Tablet Stand that clamps onto surfaces, making it perfect for following recipes in the kitchen or attending virtual meetings on the fly.
  • Portability: Some stands are foldable and lightweight, making them ideal for travel. Just fold them and slip them into your bag, and you’re good to go.

iPad Stand Cons:

  • Stability: Check the stand’s stability to avoid any potential wobbling. Even with a protective cover, you still want to prevent the iPad from bumping and dropping.
  • Compatibility: Ensure the stand matches your iPad’s size and model. It would be frustrating to get your stand to see if it will not fit your iPad size. So, spend some time and read the technical details and buyers’ reviews.

4. Paperlike Screen Protectors

Safeguard your iPad’s display from scratches and smudges with a high-quality screen protector. It will help preserve the clarity and brilliance of your screen so you can safely use the iPad for years.


  • Scratch Resistance: Shield your iPad’s screen from scratches and dings. This “paperless iPad screen protector” is the first line of defense, safeguarding your device from unsightly scratches caused by daily use.
  • Clarity: A high-quality screen cover maintain the brilliance and clarity of your display.
  • Bubble-Free Easy Application: Many protectors are bubble-free and straightforward to apply.


  • Replacement: Screen covers may require replacement after wear and tear over time, especially if you’re a professional artist. I replace mine every 2 years when I want to get an upgraded one. However, you can do this even twice a year.
  • Dust and Bubbles: Although the process is easy, you must still be careful during application to avoid dust and bubbles under the protector.

Read more about the best paperlike screen protectors in 2024.

5. Cleaning kit

Keep your iPad’s screen and surface clean with a microfiber cloth and a gentle screen-cleaning solution. This will help maintain the device’s appearance and prevent smudges.

Cleaning kit (on Amazon)


  • Efficient Cleaning: You’ll see that cleaning kits typically come with microfiber cloths and gentle cleaning solutions that effectively remove fingerprints, smudges, and dust from the iPad’s screen and surface.
  • Non-Abrasive: The materials in a cleaning kit are designed to be non-abrasive, so you won’t damage the delicate screen or coatings on your iPad Pro.
  • Safe for Sensitive Components: Use a cleaning kit specifically designed for your iPad. The cleaning solutions used in these kits are formulated to be safe for sensitive components, such as the screen and camera lens, without causing any damage. Play safe!
  • Easy to use: Using a cleaning kit it’s easy, and you’ll enjoy visual clarity on your iPad in no time.
  • Convenience: Cleaning kits are typically compact and portable, making them convenient to carry and use whenever your iPad needs a quick touch-up.


  • Additional Cost: Purchasing a cleaning kit adds additional cost on top of the iPad itself. While they are generally affordable, it is an extra expense.
  • DIY Alternatives: Some users might prefer using DIY solutions, such as distilled water and a soft cloth, which can be effective for cleaning without the need for a dedicated kit.
  • Environmental Impact: Some cleaning solutions in kits may contain chemicals that have environmental implications. It is essential to choose eco-friendly options if you are environmentally conscious.
  • Storage: A cleaning kit is an additional item to store, so if you have limited space, it might be a consideration.

6. Wireless Earbuds for iPad Pro

Get wireless freedom. With wireless earbuds (one of my favorite among the iPad accessories), you are not tethered to your iPad Pro by a physical cable. This freedom of movement allows you to move around more comfortably, whether you’re listening to music, watching videos, or participating in video calls.


  • Convenience: The Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) has no wires, so it’s perfect for gym sessions, team calls, and commutes.
  • Sound Quality: The JBL Wireless Headphones (I opted for this cheaper alternative to AirPods) offer high-quality audio that enhances your favorite movies, music, and podcasts. And with the noise canceling feature, this product is on top of my go-to accessories for iPad. You can also plug them into your iPhone. Remember that you can plug them into one device at a time.
  • Seamless Pairing: You’ll get quick and easy Bluetooth pairing with your iPad (or iPhone) on most wireless earbuds alternatives.


  • Battery Life: Check the earbuds’ battery life to ensure they last throughout your day. I charge my JBL earbuds once a week (or less) for around 1-2 hours of daily use.
  • Misplacement: Small earbuds might be easy to misplace if not stored securely. Always keep them in a dedicated place in the house or in your bag.

7. iPad Accessories Storage Case

If you’ve got multiple accessories, investing in a storage case can be a game-changer to keep everything organized, secure, and easily accessible. Hint: store the Apple AirTag into this case and you’ll always know where your accessories are!


  • Organization and Convenience: A storage case like the AGPTEK Case Holder is a nice way to organize all your essential accessories in one place. It eliminates the hassle of searching for individual items and ensures everything is readily accessible when needed.
  • Protection and Safety: These cases offer excellent protection for your valuable products. With padded compartments and shock-absorbent materials, like in the tomtoc Portfolio Case, your accessories are shielded from potential damage caused by drops, impacts, or scratches.
  • Travel-Friendly Design: Designed with portability in mind, these cases are compact and travel-friendly. Get a Moko Tablet Shoulder Sleeve Bag to conveniently carry your accessories wherever you go.
  • Cable Management: Most storage cases come with built-in cable organizers or elastic loops to keep charging cables and earbuds neatly organized and tangle-free. This feature ensures that your accessories are ready for use without any mess.
  • Versatility: Some storage cases can also be used to store other small gadgets or personal items, making them a versatile storage solution for various needs.
  • Protection During Storage: When not in use, the accessories can be safely stored in the case, protecting them from dust, dirt, or potential damage that could occur if left loose in a bag or drawer.


  • Additional Cost: Purchasing a dedicated storage case adds to the overall cost of owning an iPad. It is an additional expense that some users might find unnecessary.
  • Limited Capacity: Depending on the size and design of the case, it may have limited space to accommodate a large number of accessories or bulkier items.
  • Bulkiness: Some storage cases, especially those with high protection, may add bulk and weight to your bag or luggage, which could be a concern if you prioritize traveling light.
  • Not Compatible with All Accessories: Depending on the specific accessories you own, not all of them may fit perfectly in the provided compartments of the storage case.
  • Redundancy for Minimalists: Users who prefer carrying only the essential accessories may find a storage case to be redundant, as they can easily fit their items in a regular bag or pouch.

BONUS: a digital planner

The right accessories can transform your iPad experience from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether it’s protection, creativity, or hands-free convenience you seek, these accessories are the key to unlocking your iPad’s full potential. Embrace the magic and dive into the world of iPad accessories – you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them!

And once you got this covered… I invite you to discover the world of note-taking on iPad, follow my step-by-step guide to take notes and to start with your first best digital planner.

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    Just got the Apple Smart Folio for my iPad Pro, and I love the perfect balance of protection and style it offers. It’s like giving my iPad a stylish armor.

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