7 Best iPad Paperlike Screen Protector Brands in 2024

It’s time to upgrade the handwriting experience on the ipads and become 100% paperless. Together with the best digital planners for Goodnotes, the paper-like displays are a great addition to any iPad user’s arsenal of accessories. Not only do they add a layer of protection from scratches and smudges, but they also reduce glare from the sun or bright lights.


Feels like writing on paper

They are designed to mimic the feel of writing on paper, when writing in any of the best planner apps for iPad, making the digital writing experience much more natural and comfortable. Even better, they help improve the accuracy of finger gestures like scrolling and tapping. Most importantly, they make it easier to read text on your device without straining your eyes as you would with a glossy screen protector.

With these features in mind, let’s investigate how to get the perfect paper feel using a matte display for iPad Pro (or iPad Mini).

Get iPad paperlike screen protector

Better note-taking experience: Using a paperlike screen protector can improve your overall iPad experience. If you frequently take notes, draw, or write on your iPad, you’ll appreciate the added precision and control that a paperlike screen protector provides. 

Tactile experience: The textured surface of the protector allows for a more tactile experience when using an Apple Pencil. Plus, the increased friction can prevent slipping and sliding that can occur when writing on a smooth glass surface.

Less eye strain: Another benefit of using a paperlike screen protector is that it can help lessen the eye strain. The glare and reflectivity of a standard iPad screen can tax the eyes, especially when using the device for extended periods.

Note: I use a matte screen protector on my tablet, to reduce glare and make it easier to read and write on the screen. However, remember that a matte display may decrease the image quality, and you may or may not like it.

How to use it (installation)

Installing the paperlike display is a simple process. Make sure the screen is clean and dust-free before applying the protector. Once applied, it can be used with the Apple Pencil and any other stylus without any issues. Check the Paperlike display installation guide – step by step video by the Paperlike creator itself.

2 Most known screen protector brands

Several reputable brands offer paperlike products for the iPad, but some of the best include:

1 | iPad paperlike screen protector

paperlike screen protector
Credit paperlike.com

Paperlike  is the first screen protector that makes writing and drawing on the iPad feel like on paper. It’s also a premium brand that offers a variety of accessories (like the pencil grip or cleaning kit) to suit different needs. According to their website, they’re using proprietary Nanodots Surface technology designed to deliver superior stroke precision and clarity when writing and drawing with your iPad.

2 | Astropad magentic display

Credit astropad.com

Astropad is another premium brand that creates reusable iPad screen protectors to mimic the texture of drawing on paper and provide a comfortable writing experience. Their product is made with nano-texture technology and has a matte finish to minimize glare and enhance stroke precision and clarity. It transforms the cold, slick experience of drawing on a glass iPad screen. So, if you like drawing on paper, you owe it to yourself to give this nano-textured screen a try.

5 Most affordable brands on Amazon

1 | Bersem Paperfeel display

Bersem Paperfeel (pack of 2) has a paper texture, matte surface to lower the reflection from the screen, enhance drawing and writing on the iPad Pro and better control your pen. 

2 | MOBDICK Paperfeel screen protector

MOBDICK Paperfeel protector: Japanese PET film materials used for this product make it feel like you are writing on paper, offering paper feel touch and friction. You’ll feel relatively smooth and responsive when drawing, writing, or sketching. The Mobdick screen protector will be gentile with your pen tip too.

3 | KTC Paperfeel screen protector

KTC Paperfeel surface protector is well compatible with Apple pencil to draw and write. The surface creates a feeling close to the natural paper, lowers the eye discomfort after long-term use, and protects your screen from scratching by keys or other hard things. The colors on the screen will maintain maximum clarity. Plus, it minimizes wearing down pencil nib.

4 | Tech Armore display

Tech Armore display: uses high-quality Japanese film stock with a matte finish layer to remove glare and create a feeling similar to real paper. They promote the product as resistant to oily and annoying fingerprints, making it simple to wipe and keep the screen clean.

5 | ELECOM Paper-Feel Screen Protector

ELECOM Paper-feel is a professional product designed for artists to draw, sketch, and write easily, even under the bright sun. Designed for focusing on the paper texture. And if you’re worried about your Apple Pencil’s nib wearing out, the brand promises a “50% reduction in wear of the pen stylus nib“.

Apple Pencil’s tip wearing out?

I have seen this question over and over again in various groups, and the answer to it is… it depends on the pressure you apply when writing or drawing.

I have been digital planning for 4 years and never had to change my pencil’s tip, however a lot of people are changing their tips frequently. If your Apple Pencil’s tip is wearing down fast, you can always get standard replacement tips (pack of 4), get creative with these colored replacement tips, or use a stainless pencil nib for an upgraded fine line control when drawing or handwriting.

Reviews on screen protectors

All of these brands have received positive reviews from customers and are known for producing high-quality paperlike screen protectors for the iPad.

While Paperlike and Astropad have more reputation and popularity, you can also check the most affordable (yet best-rated) screen protectors on Amazon from my list above. It’s important to note that, as with any product, individual preferences may vary, so it’s a good idea to read reviews and compare the features of different brands before deciding.

Credit astropad.com

So, before buying a product, you can read reviews them on several platforms such as:

  1. Amazon: Amazon is a popular marketplace where customers can leave reviews on products they have purchased. 
  2. YouTube: Many YouTubers review these products, so you can find a lot of reviews and unboxing videos on the platform.
  3. Reddit: You can also find reviews on Reddit, a discussion platform where users can share their experience with products and services.

It’s important to note that not all reviews you find might be genuine and unbiased, so it’s a good idea to read multiple reviews from different platforms to get a well-rounded understanding of the product.

Pick your iPad paperlike screen protector in 2024

In summary, paper-like / paper-fell displays can improve the overall experience of using an iPad. They provide a more natural and comfortable writing experience, improve precision and control when using an Apple Pencil, and can help reduce eye strain. 

If you frequently use your tablet for writing or drawing, a paperlike screen protector is definitely worth considering.

Also read 5 Best iPad Accessories In 2024: From Keyboard To Earbuds to boost your digital planning experience.

EXTRA Accessories… better handwriting

Now… handwriting is an experience. When it comes to using tablets, writing with the Apple Pencil on the iPad is as close as it gets to writing on paper. And there’s an extra thing you can do to make your experience even better: keep your iPad paperlike screen clean using this cleaning kit and the paperlike pencil grips.

Last, to make your digital note-taking a real joy, personalize your iPad with a lovely and joyful iPad case that will boost your mind and spirit every day.

Credit casetify.com (check the Print Pattern / LOVE collection)

Download premium digital planners

And, since the paperlike displays work AMAZING in combination with the iPad digital planners, why not start downloading some goodnotes templates today?

Photo: Bookshelf Mini

Discover the best 2024 digital planner or the 2024 meeting notes to organize your messy tasks into beautiful notes, directly on the iPad. And if you’re into bullet journaling, you may love the DigiBujo planners.

Are you new to digital planning? Check the full steps on how to get started with digital note-taking.

Lastly, no matter the source of your digital planners, make sure you’re using lag-free digital planners (optimized PDF planners) to avoid the lag when writing or scrolling the pages.

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  1. Max_sporty Avatar

    Eye strain has always been an issue for me when using my iPad for a long time. Just ordered the Tech Armore display, hoping it lives up to the promise of reducing glare and providing a paper-like feel. Fingers crossed!

  2. Emma.blk Avatar

    Loving my Paperlike screen protector on my iPad! It does feel like writing on paper, and the added precision with the Apple Pencil is a game-changer. No more glare, no more eye strain. Highly recommended.

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