Best Apple Pencil Grip vs Apple Pen Sleeve (2023)

The Apple Pencil is an essential tool for many digital planners’ customers, for its precision and convenience when note-taking and drawing. Yet, if you’re like my customers, you may be always on the go, always in a hurry. If that’s so you may have already scratched, dropped or shocked your Apple Pencil at least once by now. 

apple pencil grip magnetic charging

Well, I got good news: you can improve your experience, with two popular accessories available: the Apple Pencil Grip and the Apple Pencil Sleeve.

Each has its unique features, advantages, and drawbacks. So, in this article, I’ll delve into the pros and cons of both options, helping you make an informed decision when buying a protective silicone grip for apple stylus.

Best Apple Pencil Grips

The grip covers the front part of the pen near the nib, and is coming in one piece that easily slides onto the pencil.

> Apple Pencil Grip Pros

1. Enhanced writing comfort: The grip holder offers an elegant design, great feeling and increased comfort, particularly beneficial for users prone to palm or wrist aches when taking digital notes.

2. Wide variety of colors and textures: Users have the option to choose from a lovely collection of colors and textures, adding a touch of personalization.

3. Easy application and secure fit: The grip is simple to slide on the pen and stays securely in place during use.

4. Easy removal: If you wish to switch grips, most of them are easy to take off and replace.

5. Pencil’s double-tap compatibility: Most grips allow the double tap feature on the Apple Pencil stylus to function properly.

6. Some grips allow magnetic charging: Certain grips have a flat side that allows for secure attachment to the iPad for magnetic charging.

7. Compatible with elastic holders: For iPad covers with elastic stylus holders (I have one!), the pen with the grip on can slide in seamlessly.

> Apple Pencil 2 Grips Cons

1. Charging limitations: Similar to the sleeve, using an iPad case may prevent charging the Apple Pencil with the grip on. So you either remove the grip or the case to be able to charge.

2. Non-fitting pen slot: Depending on their thickness, the gripped Apple Pencil might not fit into the iPad case’s pen slot either.

3. Durability concerns: Extensive writers might find that the grip wears down quickly, prompting the need for replacement grips (so get a pack of silicone covers to keep around).

Get an Apple Pencil Grip

Here are some interesting ideas of grips that will transform your note-taking experience. Try a few options to test, before picking the winning one.


Ergonomic Apple Pen Sleeve

This cover protects the entire pen from nib to top, and is most of the time made out of two parts: the body and the cap.

> Apple Pencil Sleeve Pros

1. Excellent protection: It safeguards your Apple Pencil from scratches, drops, or shocks, ensuring its longevity.

2. Smooth touch: The soft silicone material provides a comfortable and smooth touch, making writing a more pleasant experience and reducing the risk of hand cramping.

> Apple Pencil Sleeve Cons

1. Size may increase over time: Due to its design, it may become slightly larger over extended use.

2. Challenging cap placement: Some users might find it more challenging to put the cap on the pencil when using this protective cover.

3. Limited charging convenience: If you use an iPad case, charging the stylus with the cover on may not be possible.

4. Non-fitting pen slot: The sleeved Apple Pencil might not fit into the dedicated slot in your iPad case.

Get an Apple Pencil Sleeve

If you’re looking to get full protection of your stylus, maybe a full body sleeve will help you with that, on top of a better handwriting experience. Here are some apple pen sleeves to explore.


Apple Pencil 2 Silicone Holder

When choosing the best grip holders for apple stylus (compatible with apple pencil), it’s essential to consider:

  • finding an apple pencil grip that allows charging even if you have your iPad case on,
  • finding a holder compatible with the apple pencil 1 or apple pencil 2nd, and
  • find and ergonomic grip to match your writing style.

Both the Apple Pencil grip and sleeves are good covers, offer unique benefits, such as protection, comfort, and great available colors. Yet, before making a decision, carefully read the product descriptions and user reviews to ensure your chosen accessory fits your needs perfectly. So, if you’re looking to improve your writing, reducing the risk of hand cramping or just protect your stylus, your ideal Apple Pencil accessory awaits.

Get it now to enjoy happy hands (NO fatigue) during writing and drawing with the best apple pencil stylus inside your best digital planners!

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2 responses to “Best Apple Pencil Grip vs Apple Pen Sleeve (2023)”

  1. Mason Avatar

    The struggle with charging limitations is real! I love my Apple Pencil Sleeve, but the idea of an easy application and secure fit with the grip is intriguing. Is anyone here using a grip that also allows magnetic charging?

  2. Doug Avatar

    Just ordered my first Apple Pencil Grip after reading this. The idea of enhanced comfort and a wide variety of colors got me excited. Can’t wait to see how it transforms my note-taking experience.

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