Get Your Remote Team On Board With iPad Pro Note-taking

Working nomads are here to stay. So is the Apple iPad Pro and the best iPad note taking templates.

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Remote teams management can be challenging. Sometimes it’s hard to keep everyone on the same page, especially if you’re all in different locations.

Yet, it’s essential to make sure everyone on your team has the tools they need to be productive and collaborative from wherever they are.

But investing in a high-quality laptop for each coworker can be costly, not to mention the time it will take your IT department (or whoever manages hardware) to set up and support new devices.

So, how do you get all the benefits of using iOS devices for remote work without spending an arm and a leg on laptops?

The answer is simple: iPads Pro!

Use your iPad for note-taking and remote work

The iPad Pro is a powerful tool when working remote. Employees can use an iPad Mini or iPad Air too, yet the new iPad Pro is the best iPad to use for work, with the best note taking apps available. Use it to annotate pdfs, for remote collaboration on projects and files sharing, to take notes and sketch ideas, and as a digital whiteboard.

When your team has access to all work files and tools from wherever they are and can effortlessly collaborate with anyone on the team, it makes working remotely easier… and fun.

Use the iPad as a computer

If your colleagues are familiar with using a keyboard or a mouse, they can instantly transform their iPad into a traditional laptop by attaching these accessories. 

Or else, they can continue to write notes on the iPad in digital notebooks, just like they would do on paper notebooks.

The truth is that these devices are becoming increasingly popular as “work” laptops across all industries. In fact, they’re now used regularly by more than half of workers in the U.S., which means that even if you don’t have one yet—or if you’ve never considered using one for work purposes—it’s time to reconsider!

4 reasons an iPad Pro should be part of any home office setup

  • iPads are portable and lightweight (compared with traditional computers),
  • they have touchscreens instead of physical keyboards (which makes typing easier),
  • they offer plenty of storage capacity without taking up too much space on your desk (this makes them ideal for small businesses), and
  • they offer extra features like facial recognition cameras (so there’s no need for passwords).

Bring remote teams on board with note-taking on the iPad Pro

Start engaging remote employees with the new iPad devices and bring them on board with note-taking in no time.

That means less time spent managing devices and more time spent focusing on what matters: collaboration, workflow continuity, and productivity, whether your team members work remotely or in person.

If your remote team has apple devices, iCloud and google drive accounts, they can get TONS of things done. 

In this article, I’ll focus on the productivity part of note-taking and sharing the notes with the team.

Now, let’s dive into seven activities your team can do on the Apple iPad with pencil that may convince you to go paperless and transform your company into a paperless one!

Take handwritten notes inside apps like Noteshelf or GoodNotes

It’s no secret that handwriting notes is a good way for your colleagues to learn better. It makes information more memorable and helps them internalize the material.

So show them how to take notes on an iPad with Apple Pencil, inside the best note-taking apps, instead of using an old-fashioned, bulky paper notebook.

When paired with a paper-like screen protector, the iPad note-taking apps (or notes app) are a friendly way to capture ideas and handwritten notes on the go. They’re also great for writing down your thoughts, picking up where you left off in a digital planner, or simply jotting down a project deliverables list.

Here’s a quick overview of the best note-taking apps:

→ Noteshelf (iOS), GoodNotes (iOS) and Notability (iOS)

I believe that Noteshelf is the best note-taking app for taking notes with the apple pencil, but Goodnotes 5 and Notability are pretty solid too. Plus, it also connects with your apple watch.

tasks tracker-project tracker

Use these note-taking apps to write handwritten notes with different pen colors, stroke sizes, and highlighters. You can also import images into your handwritten notes for more visual support.

Whether you’re taking notes by hand or using a keyboard — it’s easy to organize your thoughts into lists and build upon them as you learn more about the subject matter at hand.

It comes with iCloud sync support built-in, so you don’t have to worry about syncing manually.

Eager to discover which app is best for you? Grab a coffee and discover which is BEST for Handwritten Notes?

And, if you’re ready to start, also discover these 10 best goodnotes templates to take better notes at work.

→ Evernote (Android, iOS)

Evernote calls itself a “digital memento box,” which is pretty accurate: a note-taking app

that lets you save webpages, photos, digital documents, and more in one place, organize them into “notebooks,” and search through everything quickly using simple tags or search terms.

→ Google Keep (Android, iOS)

Google Keep is another note-taking app that lets you add text boxes, drawings, and photos to your notes — but it doesn’t have any drawing feature as Noteshelf or Good Notes 5 do.

→ OneNote (Android, iOS)

If you want your team’s digital notebooks to get accessed from anywhere, OneNote is the note-taking app to consider. It is best to use it to take handwritten notes, import PDFs and other files, and even capture images or documents.

→ Notion (Android, iOS)

Taking notes is a good habit, and it’s even better if you can share these notes with your colleagues. The Notion app makes it possible to take notes and collaborate in real-time.

The Notion app is excellent for keeping track of ideas and tasks. It’s a simple way to stay organized, and it can help improve team productivity and collaboration.

You can create text notes, checklists, calendars, and boards with Notion. You can also collaborate with other people by sharing your notes

Also see: Top 5 Best Digital Note-Taking apps to use in 2022

My favorite notes apps mix for business

I’ve been using my iPad with apple pencil for remote work for a few years, and I’ve tried just about every note-taking app out there. The mix that matches my workflow the most is the trip:

  1. Noteshelf is my favorite note-taking app for digital planning and taking handwritten notes. I use it daily to scribble ideas and annotate PDFs. Plus it connects with apple watch.
  2. Notion is easy to take random notes organized in pages, sections and bullets. I use it a lot for blog post strategy and content writing, or to drop ideas.
  3. Google Meet is my go-to virtual discussions platform and I often use it to show my iPad screen during the meetings

Collaborate on project notes using CollaNote or Goodnotes

The iPad Pro is a great tool for remote teams because it’s so versatile — it can make communication between team members a breeze. 

project planner goodnotes template

From taking notes with apps like Goodnotes 5, sharing files via AirDrop or running productivity apps like Slack and Google Docs, the Apple iPad will get your colleagues on board with your project.

Plus, team members can quickly type notes, create to-do lists, and exchange digital notes via email or collaborate on them in real-time (with apps like Goodnotes or CollaNote).

If more than three people are working on the same project, then Notion is a good option for managing the team’s tasks and deliverables. 

Audio record client meetings while taking notes, using Notability app

The iPad Pro is the best tablet for taking notes and recording voice. I can easily use my iPad to record client meetings (inside my meeting planner) while taking notes using the Notability app.

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The iPad Pro has a built-in microphone that allows you to record audio and video.

I’ve been using the iPad for recording client meetings, and I have never had any issues with the sound quality.

To start:

  1. Open up Notability and tap on the plus sign in the top corner to create a new note.
  2. Inside the note, tap the microphone to start recording the discussion and continue writing your notes as you usually do.
  3. When you’ve finished recording, tap on the “Pause” button at the top of your screen and hit the play button to listen to your recording.

The best part is that you can quickly listen to another discussion point by taping a handwritten word on your page while you play the audio.

Share meeting notes with colleagues

Meetings with colleagues and clients can be a great way to get things done and make new connections. But when it comes to follow-up, it’s easy to fall into the trap of endlessly emailing or texting back and forth — which can waste time.

So, here’s a quick step the team manager can do to bring everyone on board: export and share screenshots with the handwritten notes taken during the meeting.

This can also be great for getting your point across to someone who couldn’t make the meeting.

Use a note-taking app to take your meeting notes, then export the page as an image or PDF and share it with your colleagues via email, slack, or AirDrop.

Share files with ease using iCloud, Slack or Email

Why use the iCloud

With iCloud Drive, you can easily back up your photos to the cloud and access them from any of your devices. You can also share those photos with other people.

Slack for team communication

Slack is a great way to share files and communicate with your team. You can even create channels for each project to keep things organized.

Email for professional communication

Just use an email address to send your digital planner or photo directly from the Noteshelf or your favorite annotations app.

best social media planner

Instantly share files between iOS devices via AirDrop

We all know how difficult and annoying it is to share files between multiple devices.

AirDrop is a helpful tool for sharing files between iOS devices. You can use it to send photos, videos, and other files to other people nearby or to your second iOS device.

1) Open Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen on your iOS device;

2) Tap on the AirDrop icon;

3) Select the device that you want to send file(s) to;

4) Drag the file(s) into the box above and release when done.

Use the iPad Pro as a digital whiteboard during Google Meet or Zoom meetings

You can’t expect your remote team to sit in a conference room at 9 a.m. and take notes together on a whiteboard. In fact, most of the time, these long meetings are counterproductive, so let’s investigate an alternative: using the iPad Pro as a private whiteboard during virtual discussions.

The iPad Pro with apple pencil is an excellent way for engaging your audience when you start drawing your ideas. 

So begin by setting up your team meetings through Google Calendar and invite them to join the discussion on their iPad devices. Since each person can share their own virtual whiteboard, encourage all team members to share their iPad screens and write ideas.

What else should your team do with the iPad Pro?

If you’re vested in the idea that the iPad should primarily be a business tool, you’ll be happy to know that your remote employees can use it to do even more.

best digital bullet journal goodnotes 5 template

Here are some other uses:

  • Draw sketches on a blank page using apps like Procreate (the screen protector will make this a great experience)
  • Keep a digital bullet journal for work
  • Take handwritten notes inside a digital notebook while reading an ebook on a business trip
  • Take notes inside a digital Meeting Book during meetings or webinars
  • Take notes inside a digital Client Book on a phone call
  • Take private notes or journaling for mind clarity
  • Keep a digital habit tracker to boost productivity at work

Get started with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

I’ve always been an avid note-taker, and I’ve found that there’s something about handwriting that makes a note stand out—the act of writing is a timeless, human way of recording information. And I can continue doing that on my iPad Pro.

So, if your company wants to develop a remote team, having the option to use devices like the iPad for digital note-taking could be beneficial.

While the iPad Pro can be beneficial for remote workers, it’s the combination of the Apple Pencil and the great note-taking apps available for iOS that make taking notes on the go all that much more streamlined.

If you’re looking for ways to make your remote employees feel more connected to both each other and your business, making the iPad available for team-wide note-taking is a great place to start.

The ability to get everyone on the same page has never been easier.

And if you’re still on the fence…

Warning: it may get addictive to using these pdf planner templates

BTW, the pack includes my best life-work planner and the meeting planner. So, try it out.

How is your team using the iPad and apple pencil for work, on a daily basis?

Tell me in the comments…

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