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What are digital planners?

A Digital Planner is like the reflection of your paper planner, but on your iPad. Basically, is a PDF document with links imported inside a note-taking app.

Steps to get started:
1/ Install a notes app like Noteshelf or Goodnotes
2/ Buy & download a PDF planner (digital template)
3/ Import a PDF template or digital sticker to the notes app
4/ Watch the Walkthrough videos of the planners

✘ What you CAN'T do inside a digital planner

Although it's “digital” it acts like a paper planner:

  • Everything is manually added
  • Does NOT sync with Google Calendar
  • Does NOT send reminders
  • NO auto-populate events between months & days
  • NO auto-carried events over to the next day
  • NO calculations (eg: track expenses)

✔ What you CAN do inside a digital planner

Use as a quiet companion & reliable accountability buddy:

  • To erase text and drawings
  • Move text around the pages or notebooks
  • Add endless pages for notes
  • Export and share notes as images or PDFs
  • Record voice notes or lectures
  • Search through notes

Step 1: Pick and install a note-taking app

In order to use a PDF planner you will need a special note-taking app. The best planner apps for iPad are: Goodnotes, Notability and Noteshelf. Discover how to create default digital notebooks or use complex PDF digital notebooks inside them.

Walkthrough Noteshelf

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Walkthrough Goodnotes 5

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Step 2: Buy & Download a PDF Digital Planner

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Add to cart (apply a coupon code)

Once you decide on your favorite digital planner add it to cart, double check the quantity and apply a coupon code.

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Login / Create an account (or Guest Checkout)

During the checkout you have the option to login, create an account or checkout as guest. You must be logged in, to get your digital planners saved into your account.

If you checkout as a guest, you'll download the planners from the "Thank You" page, and the "Order Confirmation" email.

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Add billing details

In this shop you can pay by card (Visa, Mastercard - processed by Stripe) or by Paypal.

For some reason, Stripe does not accept all cards. So if you need help, please reach out to

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ON DESKTOP - Download and UNZIP files

Once purchase, you'll need to download the ZIP file containing all PDF files. UNZIP it to use the PDFs.

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(How to) Send your files from Desktop to iPad

If you don't know how to send your PDF file from desktop to iPad you can use: AirDrop, Dropbox or Email.

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ON IPAD - Download and UNZIP files

The easiest way to buy and download a planner would be on the iPad. In this video I am illustrating how to download your planner using the link from the Order Confirmation Email.

Step 3: Import a PDF template to the notes app

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Import in Noteshelf

Safer way to import your favorite PDF planner inside Noteshelf.

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Import in Goodnotes

Safer way to import your favorite PDF planner inside Goodnotes. Also see how to activate the hyperlinks.

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BONUS: Avoid this #1 Mistake when importing your planner

Watch this video to see how NOT to import a planner inside Noteshelf or Goodnotes. This will avoid any mistakes, and you will not mess up with existing notebooks.

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STICKERS: add to Noteshelf or Goodnotes planners

How to download and add stickers to your planner using "drag & drop" feature. Illustrated for both Noteshelf and Goodnotes app. 

Step 4: Watch the Walkthrough Videos

See inside the premium planners and discover how they can improve your daily routine.

2024 Outline Planner Walkthrough

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2023 Meeting Book Walkthrough

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Projects Book Walkthrough

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Memory Lane Scrapbook Walkthrough

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Health Book Walkthrough

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Pet Care Journal Walkthrough

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Book Tracker Walkthrough

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100 GRATITUDE Prompts Journal Walkthrough

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