2023 Outline Planner


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→ PDF download for Goodnotes, Noteshelf, Notability
ZIP file with 16 PDFs (portrait/landscape, white/dark pages, Sunday/Monday calendars)
FULLY hyperlinked
→ Dated Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2023
2 weekly pages (list view & grid view with hourly slots)
4 daily pages (schedule, work, diary, notes)
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2023 Best Digital Planner Templates for Goodnotes 5: A great digital planner template for good notes, meeting notes, journaling, to dos. This is NOT an app. This is a PDF file to use inside Goodnotes, Noteshelf or Notability apps.

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2023 All-in-One Digital Planner Templates (for iPad Mini & iPad Pro):

  • 2023 Calendar Page with links to days and weeks
  • (NEW) 2024, 2025 Calendar Page with links to notes pages
  • 2023 Extended Calendar
  • 2023 Master Plan (yearly goals and milestones)
  • (NEW) Yearly Events + Yearly Tasks pages
  • DATED Monthly Planning templates with links to days and weeks
  • (NEW) 2x DATED Weekly Views (calendar view + list view) with links to days
  • (NEW) 4x DATED Daily pages (each day has 4 different pages: schedule page, notes page, daily diary page and work page)

→ Dated REVIEWING Pages:

  • DATED yearly, 9-month, 6-month, 3-month review templates
  • DATED Monthly Review templates
  • DATED Weekly Results templates

→ Digital Planner TEMPLATES:

  • Monthly Money template on white background (DATED)
  • Monthly Tracker template (DATED)
  • Monthly One-Win-A-Day template – best as daily gratitude journal (DATED)
  • Weekly Ideas template for brain-dumping (DATED)
  • Weekly Meals digital template (DATED)
  • Undated Health Templates — including monthly and weekly self-care, medication and workout, health appointments, sleep tracker and more (copy from the Templates section and add them to your planner, when needed)
  • Personal EXTRA Templates — like daily journals, money tracking, house templates, books templates, movies, trips, birthdays and passwords


  • Daily Work planner digital template (a simple lined page) (DATED)
  • Planning and Outline Add-on Templates — like Clarity Map, Life & Work Balance (copy from the Templates section and add them to your planner, when needed)
  • Meetings Templates — like Meetings List, Weekly Meetings Plan and Meetings Note template
  • Projects, Orders, Prices & People Templates — like Project List, Details and Management, Pricing Worksheets, Gantt Charts, Orders List and Details, People List and Details
  • Social Media Templates — including the Monthly grid & list templates, weekly templates, post details and trackers


  • Ruled Grid on white background
  • Cornell Notes
  • Blank pages
  • Square Grid (math);
  • Dot Grid

→ OTHER Lovely Pages:

  • TODOs, Checklists templates
  • Challenges templates
  • Trackers, Mindmaps, Lists

✘ Does not sync with Google Calendar
✘ Does not sync with Outlook Appointments
✘ Does NOT send reminders

✎This is NOT an app. It’s a PDF file with hyperlinks. To use it you’ll need an iPad and any of these apps: Goodnotes 5, Notability or Noteshelf.


You will download the 2023 Outline Planner as a ZIP file with 16 PDF files. UNZIP it on your computer or iPad and import the needed PDF version in Goodnotes or Noteshelf.

Steps to Buy, Download and Import into your app:

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Reviews (11)

11 reviews for 2023 Outline Planner

  1. livingitup (verified owner)

    Love this and worth every penny. When will the 2024 planners be available?

    • Ralu Petrea (verified owner)

      Hi Sarah, the 2024 Outline Planner will be up in the shop in September! Keep an eye on the shop, because I am planning to run a flash sale when I launch it. Thank you!!

  2. alison_dimofte (verified owner)

    It’s perfect for all my needs – from meeting notes to journaling and to-dos. The 2023 layout is sleek and modern, making it a joy to use every day. I love how I can easily navigate through different sections and customize it to fit my preferences. The planner includes two weekly views which is a game changer for me. Thanks so much for this! Waiting for the 2024 one!

  3. Dr. Allissa Iepan (verified owner)

    I recently discovered the seller on Etsy and decided to try this planner. I tried so many different planners but this one is a really well designed planner. You can tell there’s a professional designer behind it. I also love the amazing collection of templates that I found in the Extra sections.

  4. bethholman (verified owner)

    I am using this digital planner in Goodnotes for a few weeks and I LOVE it. It was a bit intimidating at first because it has so many pages. I however discovered there’re some tutorial pages (check the Extra section to find the link to that tutorial). These pages are super useful, I’ve learned where the links are placed and how to use the pages. Impressive is the word to describe it!

  5. sonia.i.hack (verified owner)

    Good planner. Getting used to an electronic planner and this is a great start.

  6. SamanthaM (verified owner)

    I write a lot of daily notes so having 4 different daily pages it helps a lot. I don’t use the weekly pages though so I hope that Ralu will consider just a monthly and daily version for next year 🙏. Other than that the planner works well in Goodnotes and it’s easy to use because of the hyperlinks.

  7. Sonia Miller (verified owner)

    I am still new to digital planning and I’m learning to navigate all the tabs, but so far the planner seems easy to use. And I am happy with the layout, although I don’t use all the templates.

  8. Emma Johnson (verified owner)

    I took the dark background planner with more space between the lines and I love it. I even convicted my sister to get her copy. After trying at least 10 digital planners from other sellers I think I finally found my planner: the outline planner!! Client for life! Thanks, Ralu.

  9. wrenharpers (verified owner)

    I wonder if you can delete some pages without messing the links on the side? I don’t use the daily pages. However the planner is amazing and easy to use. I have the dark pages version and I love it.

    • Ralu Petrea

      Hi Wren, I normally advice not to delete the pages, however since the daily pages are not connected to other sub-pages you can delete them. Just don’t delete the weekly or monthly pages! I am extremely happy to hear that you loved your planner!!

  10. Jonathan Ewels (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Outline Planner for a few years now and I’d be lost without it. It’s super simple to use (I use it with NoteShelf), gives just the right amount of structure to my daily planning and note taking without getting in the way. Took me while to realise but there are stacks of “The Extra Templates” that come in handy for more specific tasks.

  11. Zuleika Lambe (verified owner)

    Amazing planner and worth every penny. There are so many useful features included and it’s incredibly well organised and linked. Ralu’s planners make me feel confident with my planner choice and happy to commit.

    • Ralu Petrea

      I love this, Zuleika! Enjoy your 2023 Outline Planner!!

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