2024 Digital Planner MIX 2 (Monthly, Weekly, Daily)


→ PDF download for Goodnotes, Noteshelf, Notability
→ Dated Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2024
Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily Planner
→ You’ll get a ZIP file (3MB) with 4 PDFs:
✅ Portrait with White Pages
✅ Sunday start calendar
✅ Weekly view layout: cards view
✅ 4 Notebooks (each notebook has a different daily layout)

Step into 2024 with the 2024 Digital Planner V2, best weekly planner for 2024 meticulously designed for those who value precision, organization, and aesthetic appeal in equal measure. Whether you’re a bustling professional, an academic juggernaut, or someone pursuing clarity in their day-to-day, this planner stands as the ultimate tool to guide your journey.

This minimal planner provides monthly, weekly, and daily views, ensuring you’re always in sync with your commitments. Immerse in its capabilities on your iPad, especially when paired with apps like Goodnotes, Noteshelf, or Notability.

Best Weekly Planner for 2024:

  • Built-in Links: Navigate with grace across yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily pages via our integrated hyperlinks (refer to product images for insights).
  • Monthly Calendar: Commence each month with clarity via a streamlined overview, marking pivotal dates, defining monthly objectives, and previewing the weeks to come.
  • Weekly Breakdown: Delve into your week’s nuances with ample room for appointments, reminders, or personal milestones, enriched by a “card-view” layout.
  • Detailed Daily Page: Four distinct daily page styles at your disposal (one per notebook), catering to your varying day-to-day needs.
  • Device Compatibility: Tailored for seamless use on iPads, and especially harmonious with apps like Goodnotes, Noteshelf, and Notability.
  • Elegant & Functional Design: Beyond its utility, the planner radiates with a minimalist elegance. Subtle color schemes, intuitive structures, and a decluttered design make planning both a soothing and engaging endeavor.

2024 Yearly Pages:

  1. 2024 Calendar template (Sunday start) with links to months, days and weeks
  2. 2024 Master Plan
  3. 2024 Events with links to months
  4. 2024 Tasks

2024 Monthly & Weekly Pages:

  1. 12 x Monthly pages (Sunday start) with links to 2024 calendar, days and weeks
  2. 52 Weekly pages (Sunday start) with links to 2024 calendar, current month and days – this weekly pages uses a “card-view” layout.

2024 Daily Pages:

  1. 365 Daily Planning pages – choose between 4 Daily Layouts:
    • Version 1: With hourly slots (4 am to 12 pm)
    • Version 2: With 2 hourly slots: morning schedule (from 12 am to 12 pm) and evening schedule (from 12:00 pm to 12:00 am)
    • Version 3: Simple math grid page
    • Version 4: Cornell notes layout

Looking for a more complex planner: check the 2024 Outline Planner


✅ iPad (Optimized for Goodnotes, Noteshelf, and Notability)

✘ Does not sync with Google Calendar

✘ Does not sync with Outlook Appointments
✘ Does NOT send reminders

Note: This isn’t an app but a hyperlinked PDF file. To leverage its features, import it to your iPad and start annotating via apps like Goodnotes, Noteshelf, or Notability.


You will download the 2024 Monthly & Weekly & Daily Planner (V2) as a ZIP file with 4 PDF files. UNZIP the file on your computer or directly on your iPad, and add the desired PDF to your preferred app.

>>> New to digital planning? <<<

1/ Install a notes app like Noteshelf or Goodnotes
2/ Buy & download a PDF planner (digital template)
3/ Import a PDF template or digital sticker to the notes app
4/ Watch the Walkthrough videos of the planners
5/ Add iPad Accessories to boost your experience

>>> Accessories for better note-taking <<<

To improve your note-taking experience I suggest to add these accessories to your iPad. Read the full article here.

  1. Choose an iPad case and keyboard: the Apple Smart Folio or the most loved Apple Magic Keyboard
  2. Connect a pen: the original Apple Pencil or an alternative pen
  3. Add a paperlike screen protector like PaperlikeBERSEM or MOBDIK
  4. Use an iPad Stand: the Lamicall Adjustable Tablet Stand or the Tryone Gooseneck Tablet Stand
  5. Clean your screen with a quality Cleaning kit
  6. Use Wireless Earbuds like the Apple AirPods or my favorite JBL Wireless Headphones
  7. Store your accessories inside the AGPTEK Case Holder or the a Moko Tablet Shoulder Sleeve Bag to easily carry around.


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