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40+ Digital Planners & Stickers Sets:

(Note: You’ll only get the planners available at the moment of purchase. Future planners will not be added to your account. Printable Templates are not included.)

  1. 2024 Outline Planner (16 PDFs)
  2. 2024 Meeting Planner (16 PDFs)
  3. 2024 Daily Spotlight (4 PDFs)
  4. 2023 Outline Planner (16 PDFs)
  5. 2023 Meeting Planner (16 PDFs)
  6. UNDATED Weekly Planner (24 PDFs)
  7. UNDATED Daily Planner (24 PDFs)
  8. People Planner (4 PDFs)
  9. Project Planner (8 PDFs)
  10. DigiBujo Notes (8 PDFs)
  11. DigiBujo Draw (8 PDFs)
  12. DigiBujo Math (4 PDFs)
  13. DigiBujo Recipes (4 PDFs)
  14. A-Z Book Notes (8 PDFs)
  15. A-Z Book Draw (8 PDFs)
  16. A-Z Book Math (4 PDFs)
  17. Journaling Prompts-Vol1 (4 PDFs)
  18. Health Book (1 PDF)
  19. Bookshelf (8 PDFs)
  20. Bookshelf-Mini (8 PDFs)
  21. Pet Journal (1 PDF)
  22. Recipe Book-Full Page (4 PDFs)
  23. Recipe Book-Half Page (4 PDFs)
  24. Wine Notebook ( 1 PDF)
  25. Memory Lane Scrapbook (4 PDFs)
  26. Knitter Project Journal (Pack)
  27. Sewing Project Journal (Pack)
  28. Crochet Project Journal (Pack)
  29. Craft Project Journal (Pack)
  30. 6-Tab Notebook (4 PDFs)
  31. 6-Tab Draw Books (8 PDFs)
  32. 6-Tab Work Books (8 PDFs)
  33. UNDATED Meeting Book (8 PDFs)
  34. Social Media Notebook (4 PDFs)
  35. Growth Review (1 PDF)
  36. Morning Practice Diary (4 PDFs)
  37. Explorer-Teen’s Journal (2 PDFs)
  38. 8x Minimal 2024 Digital Planners

Stickers sets: Food Stickers, Mood Stickers

>>> New to digital planning? <<<

1/ Install a notes app like Noteshelf or Goodnotes
2/ Buy & download a PDF planner (digital template)
3/ Import a PDF template or digital sticker to the notes app
4/ Watch the Walkthrough videos of the planners
5/ Add iPad Accessories to boost your experience

>>> Accessories for better note-taking <<<

To improve your note-taking experience I suggest to add these accessories to your iPad. Read the full article here.

  1. Choose an iPad Case: the Apple Smart Folio or the most loved Apple Magic Keyboard
  2. Connect a pen: the original Apple Pencil or an alternative pen
  3. Add a paperlike screen protector like PaperlikeBERSEM or MOBDIK
  4. Use an iPad Stand: the Lamicall Adjustable Tablet Stand or the Tryone Gooseneck Tablet Stand
  5. Clean your screen with a quality Cleaning kit
  6. Use Wireless Earbuds like the Apple AirPods or my favorite JBL Wireless Headphones
  7. Store your accessories inside the AGPTEK Case Holder or the a Moko Tablet Shoulder Sleeve Bag to easily carry around.

12 reviews for All Digital Planners (SALE)

  1. pixydust (verified owner)

    This bundle is exactly what I needed!! I am embarking on a new career journey, The Outline Planner, Meeting Planner and Project Book keep everything right where I need it and I’m no longer missing anything. I finally feel organized and on top of everything!! Thank you so much for these, they have everything an obsessive planner like me could want but they’re not overwhelming for a beginner either!! I’ve recommended them to everyone I know!

  2. caesar-andrew (verified owner)

    Great value for the money. I haven’t yet finished trying everything, but so far so good. thanks.

  3. kimlethianh (verified owner)

    Thank you Ralu for doing great job. I was very surprised with Outline planner. Each day is linked to the calendar, and expanded to many other pages. They are also very well linked and help me a lot in recording my plans and daily tasks. I don’t regret buying this product

  4. douglas_rose (verified owner)

    Can’t get enough of the ALL these amazing digital planners for GoodNotes – so many options to fit my planning style, it’s a game-changer!

  5. gemmalee77 (verified owner)

    Okay, wow! Just got my hands on this digital planner set, and I’m honestly impressed. Between juggling work and hobbies, I didn’t expect to find something for everything. The 2024 planners? Super useful. The craft journals? Unexpected but cool. And those stickers? Cute little touch. I don’t personally know the creator, but hats off to them – these are really well designed. If you’re like me, trying to keep a gazillion things in order, this might just be a handy find.

  6. laura_simion79 (verified owner)

    So many organizers inside! I will need a full day to download and discover each product. Thank you for this premium collection of planners.

  7. husanpark (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Ralu’s planner since 2020 if not earlier. They are simply the best: clean, well organized, beautiful, elegant. And this bundle offer is just amazing! Thanks so much!

  8. oana.matei (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for this offer. I when through the planners and they are all AMAZING. Fantastic collection! Thank you for doing such a great job 👍

  9. Dr. Allissa Iepan (verified owner)

    I initially tried a few individual planners including the 2023 OutLine Planner. I was so impressed by the quality of the designs that I decided to buy this bundle. It was a great decision! There are so many planners inside. I may not use them all right now, but these will cover my needs for the next years.

  10. alexandinaban84 (verified owner)

    I was a vault member two years ago and missed the window to signup for another year and get access to all the new planners. So I am excited that Ralu decided to make them available as a bundle in her shop. Was really looking forward to try the digibujos, the outline planner and a few other notebooks. Very good quality!!

  11. morgan_y_dauncey (verified owner)

    Everything I need is inside this bundle. I think there are enough different types of templates for planning, health, pets, reading, projects. I miss nothing so far. Thanks for your great work 🥰

  12. jessmoss (verified owner)

    Great collection!!! I am following Ralu’s newsletter for a couple of months so I was excited to find out about this bundle. I already spent lots of $$ on templates from other sellers, so I was not keen to spend more, yet these planners are high-quality and the bundle’s price makes this so much better then everything I bought so far. Really impressed, and I’ll need a few days to try them all.

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