Health Notebook

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→ Profile, doctors visits, schedule, symptoms, medication, activity and more…
→ Use for one or more persons, for at least 1-3 years
UNDATED – Buy once, use multiple times
PDF format: use with Goodnotes, Noteshelf
→ Try FREE notebooks: FREE Vault (with FREEBIES)

  • Instant Download PDF for Goodnotes or Noteshelf.

This is a impressively Easy to Use Health Notebook for Goodnotes 5 and Noteshelf apps to monitor your doctor visits, treatments, medication, activity, health levels and more. It can also be printed on Letter size paper.

Health Journal Contents

A health journal is a useful tool for keeping track of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. By recording your daily emotions, symptoms, and activities, you can identify patterns and make informed decisions about your health. It can also serve as a reference for healthcare providers to better understand your health history and provide personalized care.

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Profile page: capture goals, personal medical condition, interventions and concerns. Duplicate it for more persons.
→ Doctors section (duplicate as needed)
→ Yearly Schedule – one page with all health check visits and regular treatments. Use color-codes if you want to capture information for more persons.
→ TODOs page (weekly, monthly and yearly tasks)
→ Health Visits log + details page + vaccines log
→ Symptoms Log
→ Treatments Log
→ Medication Log
→ Food effects Log
→ Health Levels Log (5 available templates) – could track blood pressure, blood sugar levels and more.
→ Self-care section for Emotions log, Selfcare log and Therapy log
→ Activity Tracker (track the exercise and sleep)
→ Progress Photos
→ Trackers and 30/90 Day challenges, 52 week challenge
→ Money page with Medical Bills, Health Insurance Details and Health Insurance Claims.
→ Notes Pages

✘ Does not sync with Google Calendar
✘ Does not sync with Outlook Appointments
✘ Does NOT send reminders

✎To use this tabbed PDF digital planner template with hyperlinks you will need an iPad and any of these apps: Goodnotes 5, Notability or Noteshelf.

This is an impressively simple to use Health Notebook to organize your pet’s life with ease. This is NOT an app. It’s a digital planner PDF file designed for health tracking.

By monitoring our progress, we can also track changes and adjust our habits accordingly to reach our health goals. Overall, a health journal provides a useful tool for self-reflection and self-improvement, which can lead to a healthier and happier lifestyle.


The Health Notebook (1 PDF file) based on your selection. More versions will be added soon.

2 reviews for Health Notebook

  1. Emma Johnson (verified owner)

    Wow!!! I was so needing this, totally a helpful resource to handle my family health tracking.

  2. Corina Ardelean (verified owner)

    I’m a healthcare provider and I’ve recommended Ralu’s Health Planner to a few of my customers to track their health. This way I can see their progress and history. I also use one book for my family health tracking and I love it. I am new to digital planning, but Ralu helped me setup the planner and she explained me how it works. Thanks!!

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