Do you offer anything for Samsung Galaxy Tab or Windows compatible?

My products work with any app that supports PDF annotation and can detect the hyperlinks that I have setup inside the planner. I personally tested and used iOS dedicated apps like Noteshelf, Goodnotes and Notability only. These offer the best handwriting experience for the digital planner.

I also tried:

  • Adobe Acrobat app – can edit the PDF documents saved in Dropbox, yet it’s not the best handwriting experience
  • XODO PDF, a free app to annotate PDFs and to navigate a digital planner with hyperlinks! The app works on android, windows, iOS and web. Again, not the best experience. It isn’t perfect, and there is a learning curve when you get started, but it works.

For other operating systems do some research and test a few apps until you find something to fit. You can use this demo version below to run some tests and get started with digital planning.

Eager to try it now?

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Please, share your findings below, to help more people have a smooth digital experience.
– Ralu

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