How to duplicate a Daily Meeting Page (or any other page) in Noteshelf

After using the 2020 digital planner, you may discover that you need more than 1 meeting note per day. Not to worry! There’s a quick fix to accommodate more meetings for that day.

You’ll need to open your planner and go to the meeting page for that particular day.

  1. Tap the Pages icon from the Noteshelf toolbar (top-right side) – it’s an image with 2 rectangles
  2. A pop-up will slide from the right side, and you have to tap EDIT (it’s on the top-right corner of the pop-up)
  3. Tap on the page you want to duplicate (usually the 4th thumbnail from the pop-up – the bottom thumbnail- is your current page, the one you want to copy)
  4. After you tap on your current page’s thumbnail, hit the + icon from the pop-up bar
  5. Tap “Duplicate 1 page”
  6. Hit Done and close the pop-up
    And you’re done

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