Hyperlinks are not working! Is my planner damaged?

You’ve just downloaded your file and you want to go straight in and set it up for 2020.

Now that you’ve imported it in your preferred annotation app and finally flipped through the first pages you notice a problem: the monthly tabs do not work.

I already feel your confusion! And you are entitled to get annoyed about this. Just don’t lose your patience.

There is a fix to it. 🙂

All digital planners where I indicate using the “hyperlinks” are functional and should work fine on your device. However, there may be some settings to prevent you from using the links.

Check these points below, to make sure that your settings in either Goodnotes 5 or Noteshelf do not prevent you from using the hyperlinks:

If the above settings are fine yet the hyperlinks still don’t work, then, chances are that this is an iOS 13 issue that mostly appears in Goodnotes 5. For some clients, the planner started working after a few days.

However, there is a great fix you can do right now:

  1. Access a device that does NOT have iOS13 (could be an android phone, tablet, laptop, PC, etc)
  2. Login to Etsy (in browser – not in the app) and re-download the PDF file
  3. Save the PDF file to a shared folder (Dropbox, iCloud, etc)
  4. Go to your tablet with iOS 13 and remove the old planner
  5. Import the new planner from the shared folder

Was this useful? I would love to know about it. Tell me in the comments below.

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