Import a digital planner to Noteshelf 2 directly from Etsy

Video steps on how to import a digital planner to Noteshelf 2 directly from Etsy. All DONE from you iPad (inside your Safari browser).

In this video I am using the 2019-2020 MASTER DIGITAL PLANNER for Noteshelf 2:

✅ JULY 2019 – JUNE 2020 DATED PLANNER (33.000+hyperlinks)

✅ Yearly / Monthly / Weekly / Daily schedule (30-min slots) + 16 Life & Work TEMPLATES included

Love this? Here’s are the steps to share the same experience:

1. Make sure you have Noteshelf 2 installed on your iPad or buy it from here: (yes, proud affiliate)

2. Order your copy of the planner here:

3. Start planning for happiness, and share your experience in the comments below

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