TOP 5 Annotations Apps (for iPad)

Now that you have the essential hardware tools to start your digital planning experience, there is one other thing to do. You need to install an Annotations App on your iPad.

What is an Annotations App? #

It is a programme that allows you to create default digital notes as well as write on any pdf file. Several apps already exist in the App Store, but the finest are:

  • Noteshelf – the most friendly for people focusing on writing notes faster
  • Goodnotes 5– the most popular, great for notes and decorating pages
  • Notability – loved by students because of the record voice feature
  • Zoomnotes – lots of functionalities, but it feels hard to use
  • Zinnia – super easy to use for people focusing on decorating pages

The first 4 apps are one-time-pay, so you have unlimited access. To be honest, there is a slight chance of being asked of a renew cost for Goodnotes, especially when the programme makes major updates. For instance, when switching from Goodnotes 4 to Goodnotes 5, a small fee was charged.

Zinnia app is subscription based, but it comes with a lot of improvements and monthly content.

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