Use a Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse

What if I told you that you can use your iPad as a laptop too? All you need is a mouse and a keyboard.

Mouse for your iPad #

The mouse is fitting for when you want to browse through your documents and digital notebooks. Set your tablet in horizontal view and scroll as you please. Bear in mind the fact that you need to find a mouse that connects via Bluetooth and is suitable for your iPad.

Keyboard for your iPad #

Likewise, the keyboard is here to simplify your life. Type your information directly in the digital planner (The Noteshelf or Goodnotes app also has a feature that can convert your handwritten text into typed one, without using the keyboard).

Many iPad cases (you can find more about them here) include also a slim attached keyboard. This allows you to carry both your tablet and your keyboard in the same case conveniently.

You can even opt for a Smart Keyboard Folio from the Apple Store or a stand-alone keyboard. The stand-alone ones are usually heavier and thicker- they cannot be stored inside the iPad case. They are significantly more difficult to carry around and they require more space when used. So, keep in mind whether or not you want to carry your iPad with you at all times or if it is more of a desk gadget. The keyboard needs as well a Bluetooth connection to your tablet.

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