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When you embark on the digital note-taking journey, you’ll use three main types of documents: PDF files, PNG or JPG images, and backup files. To prevent clutter on the iPad’s files, I suggest creating a dedicated folder for each of the three files types. Before uploading any document or image to your annotations app, store their originals directly on the iPad in these three folders. Over the years, you can return to these folders to fetch and use any original file as many times as needed.

It will be also easier to fetch and share these digital files with your remote team too.

In this article I’ll be taking about working with PDF files.

Types of PDF files in the digital planning world #

You can use multi-page documents for daily or occasionally annotations. They could be:

  1. PDF without hyperlinks like research documents, courses, books, or simple notes pages. Most of the time, these are free documents.
  2. PDF with hyperlinks like custom-designed digital notebooks and planners that you can use to make plans and write notes on dedicated sections. Most of the time, these are paid documents.

How to store PDF files on the iPad #

Create a dedicated folder inside the “Files” folder and “On Your iPad” location. I like to have a master folder named “My digital planning kingdom,” and inside this master folder, I have the sub-folder named “Digital Planner’s PDF originals” (to store important PDF digital planners originals).

In here you can store PDF files saved from email attachments, website downloads or etsy downloads.

Practical tips #

  • To transform your paper planner into a digital one, scan it into a multi-page PDF file and import it into your annotations app.
  • To make your new digital planner PDF file interactive, add links inside the file to easily access each month of your planner. I personally use Adobe Acrobat Pro to add links inside a PDF file.
  • If you want to build your planner with links from scratch, use: Canva, Powerpoint, Procreate, Adobe Indesign, and Adobe Acrobat Pro.

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