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While the iPad, Apple Pencil and Screen Protector are the essential tools for digital planning, I cannot say the same about the Matching iPad Case. This is a complementary asset if you want to keep your tablet safe and, especially, if you want a place to keep your Apple Pen. This detail is particularly important because not all cases have a specially designed space for your pen.

Important specifications #

 Do not let yourself carried away by the colorful variety of products there is, and forget about the practicality. I cannot stress this enough: always keep in mind that an iPad Case must have a pen holder!

Of course, you already know you need to choose a case that fits your tablet so make sure you read the detailed description before buying. Check out to see if the case is compatible with your iPad model. In order to do that, find the iPad model number on the back bottom of your device.

Where can I find my iPad Case? #

Purchase your appliance from the Apple Store or Amazon. Ally Express also has a diverse range of cases which are quite cheaper, but they do take a long time to be delivered (about 3 months).

Some iPads even come with an included magnetic keyboard. I find these really practical when I want to type in my digital journal. Remember that the Noteshelf or Goodnotes app also has a feature that can convert your handwritten text into typed one, without using the keyboard.

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