The tools you need to get started

Essential tools for digital planning #

Your digital planning experience is one almost ready to start. Here is what need you to have in order to get it going:

  1. An iPad with a decent storage space. Your collection of photos, daily appointment books and digital calendar may need some space.
  2. An Apple Pencil compatible with your iPad version.
  3. A screen protector on top of the iPad. This is crucial because it will take care of your iPad in the long term and will give you an authentic writing feeling, by letting the pen slide easily on the screen.
  4. A note taking app such as Goodnotes, Noteshelf, Notability, Zoomnotes. Download any of these one-time-pay apps directly from the App Store.

Additional tools for digital planning #

Here are some extra tools you may find in handy:

  • An Apple Case to protect your iPad from falling or scratches
  • A keyboard for when you want to type rather than write. Keep in mind that the Noteshelf or Goodnotes App has also a feature that can detect your writing and convert it directly into written text.
  • Use a mouse to browse through your documents and digital notebooks. Set your tablet in horizontal view and scroll as you please. Both the keyboard and the mouse should be able to connect to your tablet via Bluetooth.
  • If you want to sync your work across several devices, use the iCloud storage.

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