Upgrade to an iCloud Storage Plan

In case you are new to the Apple Family, one thing you should know is that you can sync your documents on different devices. Using the iCloud, you can connect your iPhone, iMac, MacBook and iPad. Remember to turn on your iCloud on all the devices you want to sync. More information about how to use iCloud can be found here.

Business Partners & iCloud #

Moreover, use iCloud to sync your work with other members of your company and stay on top of every task your team is given. Every member of your team, affiliate and business partner must have the same company iCloud ID on their device in order to sync.

Storage space #

Normally, the iCloud comes with a free version of 5Gb, but I can tell from my experience that this is not enough. The money-worthy version I use is the 50Gb cloud storage. For digital planning beginners this package is more than enough. With time and progress in the world of digital appointment sheets and calendars, you can upgrade your iCloud package to better suit your needs.

Disclaimer: you need to turn on iCloud on all the devices you want to sync!

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