Use a screen protector for better handwriting

Improved handwriting #

The Screen Protector is an essential appliance for the digital planners` community. Writing directly on the screen of your tablet will feel like trying to scribble on a mirror. There is no adhesion and your handwriting will be unintelligible. That is why I am using the Matte Screen Protector. The writing experience is second-to-none and my iPad is at all times immune to scratches. Avoid air bubbles under your screen protector by going to a specialized store to have it applied.

Special considerations #

If you are going to use a Matte Screen Protector, your image will appear slightly blurry. However, your eyes adjust easily and, in less than 30’, you will no longer notice it.

One thing you have thought me is that the Matte Screen Protector may affect your Apple Pencil Top. For some users who put a lot of pressure while writing, to top of the Apple Pen may go blunt. To avoid this, make sure you have a permanent stock of tops.

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