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✔ PDF file with 72K+ hyperlinks (8MB)
✔ Use in Goodnotes 5, Noteshelf, Notability
✔ Weekly meetings / Daily meeting notes
✔ Dated Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2023

The 2023 Meetings Planner is the best work notebook for scheduling meetings* on digital paper. Write organised, searchable notes during group sessions, phone calls, important conferences or webinars. For entrepreneurs, small business owners, team leaders and creatives to write notes for up to 10 daily meetings.

*NOT connected with Google Calendar or Outlook Appointments

→ Use the 2023 Meeting Planner for scheduling meetings and write appointments description and action items

→ Use the meeting planner to write up to 12 daily meeting notes

→ Use the meeting planner during client meetings or team brainstorming and collaboration sessions

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This 2023 meeting planner is like using a paper planner book to scribble you notes by hand, just on the iPad!

Add the PDF to Goodnotes, Noteshelf or Notability to get started.

Best for…

This meeting planner template is BEST FOR entrepreneurs, team leaders and creatives looking for a meet scheduler similar to a paper notebook, but on the iPad.. Although the meeting planner can be used by all professions who want to stay organized and productive while having fun, it is mostly designed for entrepreneurs, team leaders and creatives who take handwritten notes during 5-12 meetings a day!

>> 139+ people are already using the best meeting planner of 2023 <<

I LOVE this planner. I have chosen to use the portrait view with dark background, as it looks so professional during my meetings. 

Ron P. – see all reviews in Trustpilot

Planner contents (templates list)

✔ 2023 calendar (Monday start) with links to weeks
✔ 53x DATED Weekly Appointments with links to daily meetings
✔ 12x MEETING PAGES / DAY (accessible from the weekly page) with hour stamp
✔ 3x CLIENTS SECTIONS (to hold GOALS, TODOs, Group meetings and 1-1 meetings)
✔ 7x built-in color notebooks with 12 linked chapters each
✔ 20 Page Templates included:
→ Ruled page template
→ Cornell Notes templates
→ Blank pages
→ Grid page templates (math grid and dots grid)
→ TODOs templates
→ Monthly checklist template
→ Meetings list template
→ Call log template
→ Meeting notes extra templates
→ People list template
→ People profile template
→ KPI Tracker templates
→ Gantt chart template

Included in your purchase

>> You will get a PDF file for the preferred version: PORTRAIT / LANDSCAPE with WHITE / DARK paper. Monday calendars ONLY. You will be able to access your file via email after payment is confirmed.

✘ Does not sync with Google Calendar, Outlook Appointments and DOES NOT send reminders or notifications

✎To use this meeting planner (goodnotes template PDF with hyperlinks) you will need an iPad and any of these apps: Goodnotes, Notability or Noteshelf.

This is a single purchase of the 2023 meeting planner (a single version). To access my ENTIRE collection of digital planners UNLOCK THE VAULT—the doors open every year from Sep.7th to Oct.7th.

How to use the meeting planner

You will be able to access your file(s) via email after payment is confirmed. Open the email on the iPad, download the PDF file of this planner and add it inside a note-taking app (like Goodnotes, Noteshelf or Notability) to get started.

Step 1. Download the PDF on the iPad

After the payment is confirmed, you’ll get an automated email will the link(s) to download the PDF. Open that email on the iPad and tap the link to save the PDF file of the meeting planner in any of these locations: “Downloads”, “On My iPad”, “iCloud Drive” or “Dropbox”.

Step 2. Import the PDF Meeting Planner in Goodnotes, Noteshelf or Notability

a) How to import a PDF in Goodnotes?

In Goodnotes, go to the folder where to add the new meeting planner. Tap “+New” > “Import” and locate the PDF you’ve just saved. Tap it to import to Goodnotes. It should open in the Editing mode (meaning that the hyperlinks will not work). To use the hyperlinks you’ll have to tap the “pen inside a circle” icon that you’ll find at the top right corner of the toolbar.

b) How to import a PDF in Noteshelf?

In Noteshelf, go to the folder where to add the new meeting planner. Tap “+” > “Import Document” and locate the PDF you’ve just saved. Tap it to import to Noteshelf. You should be able to use the hyperlinks as soon as you open the digital planner.

c) How to import a PDF in Notability?

In Notability, go to the subject where to add the new meeting planner. Tap “Import” (it’s an icon like a rectangle with an arrow pointing down – you’ll find it at the top right corner of the toolbar) and locate the PDF you’ve just saved. Tap it to import to Notability. You should be able to use the hyperlinks as soon as you open the digital planner.

No refunds. No exchanges.

This listing is an INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, and no physical item will be shipped. You will be able to access your file(s) via email after payment is confirmed. All sales on this website are final. Outline Planner will not offer refunds, returns, exchanges or cancellations due to the digital nature of these products.


You may not: sell or give away the original files nor use any portion of the files to create a new design to resell. Any infringement of copyright will be met with legal actions.


New to Digital Planning?

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of using a digital planner, and maybe you’ve even tried out one or two. But what if you’re new to the idea of using a digital planner, or don’t know where to start?

The iPad can help you take your digital organization skills to the next level. With Goodnotes, Noteshelf or Notability apps you’ll be able to keep track of everything you need in one place—all while freeing up space taken up by bulky notebooks.

The three apps are similar in that they allow you to write searchable handwritten notes in endless digital notebooks on your iPad Pro. However, they each have their own unique features that make them more useful in certain situations than others.

Read these articles on Goodnotes, Noteshelf or Notability apps to learn more.

What is a meeting planner?

The Meeting Planner for iPad is very useful when you need to organize a lot of meetings (up to 10 a day).

A meeting planner for iPad is mainly a digital planner PDF file that once imported into an annotations app like Goodnotes, Noteshelf or Notability can be used as a meeting scheduler and meeting notes notebook. You will write all your meetings notes by hand and can easily search through them using keywords.

Pay attention that, this type of meeting planner is mainly a PDF file with hyperlinks and it DOES NOT connect with Google Calendar or Outlook Appointments.

Plan your meetings in a digital notebook, with all details (time, date and place), write your meeting notes during the video call, group meeting or webinar and then export it as a PDF file to easily share meeting notes with your colleagues or boss.

You will be able to access all the meeting details from any iOS device and at any time, as long as you have the iCloud Syncing on inside the Goodnotes app.

What makes a great meeting planner and scheduler?

The best meeting planner for iPad lets you write down all your meeting notes and organize them in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

good digital planner should give you enough space to write down your discussions key points and action items without making it look cluttered or confusing. It should also use smart links that let you quickly jump from one section to another (like from a weekly meet scheduler page to a daily meeting notes page) without having to scroll through a dozen of pages.

A great meeting planner includes all the necessary features, like an meeting agenda section and a weekly calendar view with to-do list.

A good meeting planner should be accessible on all devices, however the best device I recommend to take notes is the iPad Pro.

What are different types of calendar planners?

You know what’s great about the iPad Pro? It’s pretty much the only device out there that can handle all your digital planning needs. Whether you want to take better meeting notes, track your life and work tasks, or write better project notes, you’ll find a planner for you.

You can also use goodnotes templates as your best bullet journals on the iPad!

Teams can use the meeting planner to write handwritten notes and boost collaboration on client’s projects.

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