>>> download link below <<<

Click the button below to download the ZIP file.

If you're on a Macbook send this page (or the downloaded files) to your iPad via Airdrop.


>>> check the instructions<<<

How to get started with digital notebooks

Noteshelf will allow you to write DIRECTLY on the downloaded PDF files, just like on a real paper planner. You can also use other annotations apps like: Goodnotes 5 and Notability, but I strongly recommend:

  • Noteshelf if you're focus is being productive with taking notes
  • Notability if you'll record discussions and voice notes

Grab your iPad and follow any of these 2 options:


Step 1: Grab the iPad, open the email I just sent and click the download link included. The ZIP file should download directly on the iPad, in the DOWNLOADS folder.

Step 2: Locate that ZIP file and UNZIP it and you should see all PDF samples.


OPTION 2: ON THE PC, MacBook or iMac

Step 1: Download the ZIP file from this page on your computer and UNZIP it

Step 2: You'll need to send the PDF files to your iPad.

You can do this by:

a) send the entire folder via AirDrop and save the samples On My iPad location


b) save them to Dropbox (make sure that you have Dropbox on the iPad too)


c) email them (as attachments) to an email address that you can open from the iPad. Open that email on the iPad and save the attached PDF files in your Downloads folder (of another location on the iPad)

Once you install the Noteshelf app import EACH saved PDF as a new document following these simple steps:

Tap "+" icon > select “Import Document” from the pop-up window > locate the PDF in the Files folder (Dropbox or Downloads location) >  select to import.

Once you got the journal in Noteshelf grab the Apple Pencil and use the pen to handwrite your notes. If you don't have an Apple Pencil you can always use the "T" (type tool) to type your notes anywhere on the pages.

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New to digital planning?

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