The Vault Doors Open in September 7th for 30 Days

Lots of changes are happening. So here’s what you should know.

Access to Vault – every year from Sep. 7 to Oct. 7

From June 2022, the Vault access will ONLY be available from Sep. 7th to Oct. 7th. If you want to continue having access to the vault, you’re welcome to come back every September and manually buy your 365-day access ticket.

After October 7th the Vault will stay closed until September next year. Don’t miss it out. Signup to get notified. Also, add September 7th to your calendar, in case my emails get inside the SPAM folder.

Vault one-time payment ($97) – 365-day access*

The Vault payment method has changed: you will be charged a one-time pay of $97 and you get 365-day access. Once the access expired you’ll have to return every September to buy access for another year. If you miss the 30-day window, you’ll be able to get individual goodnotes templates from my shop.

Returning vault customers get 40% OFF on the 2nd year vault access (so you’ll only pay $67 to keep instant and easy access to ALL my digital planners). I will email you more details in September.

*Prices and conditions may change in the future, as I am trying to find a balance between making it all affordable for you and growing it as a business that won’t eat me alive 🙂

What happens with my current subscription?

Since I’m ditching the subscription model, I’m manually closing all current subscriptions. No more automatic payments, handling expired credit cards or refunds for unwanted renewals. Now you have full control over your payments, and I can gain my mind sanity back.

If your current subscription ends before September and you want to continue accessing the Vault for another year, please shoot me an email at and I’ll manually extend your subscription until September 7th. After that you’ll pay for a new 365-day access directly on the website:

For any other questions, email me. I’m working on making it easy for you during the transition.

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